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Goats and Horses

Goats and Horses

This post started with horse pictures but ended up with a lot of fainting goat pictures. You have to admit, they are extremely cute! Most of these pictures were taken last week. I’ve gotten behind on getting my pictures posted again despite the fact that I finally ended up skipping a few months completely! We are seasonably dry right now and the grass has started to reflect that in the last few days. It still looks fresh and growing in these pictures but is definitely looking dry in certain areas of the farm right now. This is typical for...

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Quick Post

I’m running short on time this evening and I’ve yet to make out my farrier list for tomorrow so this will be a quick post. It has been one of those typical weeks where you feel like you are trying to cram two weeks into one after you’ve been away. I don’t actually mind that as I like to be busy (Jason says I have an “active mind”), but I have enough going on in a normal week so I’m not usually looking for something to do! Jason and I just finished doing a quick cleaning of the house...

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Summer Days

Summer has arrived and we’ve been hot and humid this week. In addition to scrubbing and filling water troughs the afternoon ritual now includes water games with the horses. Some of the horses love to be sprayed down with the hose while others seem to take offense to it. Some of them, when I am trying to spray them along their bodies keep re-positioning themselves so the spray will go right in there faces. They will even open their mouths to catch some of the water. I see a lot of the horses hanging out under the trees napping...

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We’re Back!

We returned to the farm this afternoon after a relaxing trip to the beach. Jason and I had a long weekend at the beach over Easter weekend. As I mentioned in my post after we returned from that trip, we can go to the beach any time we want to. My parents have a beautiful beach home and it sits there waiting for either my parents or my sister and I to arrive and have fun. My sister and her family go so often she keeps a key on her key ring. Until our Easter trip Jason and I...

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Pony Wars

I have had a good time watching the dynamics between the mares and the two ponies that share their field. The mares in this field are Buffy, Harmony and MyLight. The ponies in this field are Missy and Cuff Links. I watched these silly mares maneuver themselves around and continue to try and stake their claim on Cuffie for quite awhile. It was very entertaining. Cuffie mostly ignored all of the jockeying for position around him and carried on in his usual manner – head down and grazing. Today there didn’t seem to be as much maneuvering for position...

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Day in Pictures

Actually this is two days in pictures, Monday and Tuesday. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures. I realized too late that I had accidentally turned one of the knobs on the camera and messed up a couple of the settings. Ooops. On top of that a few were taken facing directly into the sun (hey I can’t help it, the horses don’t pose for me!) so that didn’t help either. All in all my camera had no chance at taking a quality picture for awhile! MyLight and Harmony Missy, Buffy, and Cuff Links Ogie...

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Weekend Update and Another Happy Birthday

First of all, everyone was able to “name that gray” in the last post. It was indeed Sebastian, the connemara/irish draught cross. He is adorable and has the cutest personality to go along with his looks. Jason and I had a busy but very nice weekend. Jason worked hard Friday and Saturday to finish up all of the bush hogging that needed to be done. He was very glad to finish that job on Saturday, service the bush hog, and put it away for at least a few weeks. He then followed that up with everyone’s favorite job around...

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Buffy the Supermodel and Other Pictures

In one of the photo captions on my last post I asked if anyone could name this gray horse. Well, cadencedhoofbeats got it right, this gray horse is Today has been a nice, quiet week at the farm. All of the pictures below are actually from last week. I must confess I haven’t taken any pictures over the last few days. I’ve either not had my camera with me or my hands have always been occupied. Tomorrow we will have another visit from our Slinky and Lucky Ogie Slinky and...

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Having Fun

I always enjoy watching the horses. I can pass a lot of time simply watching them graze, nap, groom each other and play. Last week I had as much fun watching them play as I think I’ve ever had. We have a pond on the property and in my last post I showed some of the many new arrivals we’ve been sharing the pond with. We usually don’t allow the horses access to the pond and keep the gates around it closed. We opened the gates a couple of weeks ago to let the big boys eat the tall...

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