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I don’t have time to write much of a post tonight. My house is still in desperate need of cleaning despite my repeated wishes that I walk in the door to a clean house. I could also whine complain mention that my repeated wishes for rain at the farm have been completely ignored. On the other hand our new farm (which isn’t very far away!) sees a nice, steady rain once a week. The Big Boys have no idea how good they have it right now. Half the time you can hardly see them because the grass is so...

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Maisie is a gorgeous bay mare who made the trip from northern Illinois to join us for retirement. Maisie is owned by the wonderful family who also have Another view of the black and white sock Needless to say it was a good day for Maisie when she joined her family eight years ago back in 2002. Maisie has a very sweet personality and is well known for her “snuff-a-whuffs.” Maisie likes to snuffle and muzzle people, cats, dogs and pretty much any critter. Apparently she was not like this when they first purchased her. Her mom described her...

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Busy Weekend

We certainly had a busy last few days to say the least. Friday was a farrier day so lots of horses coming in and out of the barn. Then Saturday morning we had one resident who apparently was having a gassy day. It was what a lot of horsemen refer to as a “one banamine colic” but anything involving the dreaded C word is stressful no matter how easily it is resolved. Jason and I are still a bit on edge although everything appears to be completely fine and back to normal. It was one of those scenarios when...

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It Takes a Village

Actually, it takes a community, or so it seems at our new farm ! As many of you know, Melissa and I have been splitting our days up of late. One of us stays here and the other one goes to Lynnville to work at our new place. Lately, I’ve been spending the majority of my spare time building out the interior of the barn, so I have been “commuting”. I think I’ve mentioned before that the community in which we’re located is an amalgam of upper crust hunt folk and normal, rural farm people. Regardless of who they...

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Wisdom Seeker, more affectionately known as Wiz, is a gorgeous grey thoroughbred gelding. Wiz has led a very interesting life with multiple careers. Like many thoroughbreds Wiz started his career at the track. Wiz is by the thoroughbred stallion Darn That Alarm (I’ve always loved that name!). Darn That Alarm is a name you see in a lot of thoroughbred sporthorse pedigrees. Wiz trotting through the pasture; he has a beautiful, huge, floating trot. Wiz had a successful career at the track and when he was about six years old he was personally picked out by none other than...

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Monday Pictures

Tonight will be a quick post as I need to do some exciting things like clean my house (where is that cleaning fairy that never seems to show up at my house??). I’m also a bit on the grumpy side as my allergies are driving me crazy right now. I mentioned in my last post that we haven’t had rain in over a month (and it seems to be just our immediate area as our new farm has had plenty of rain in the past month, go figure) and the dust is just driving me crazy and I sneeze...

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Deer, Squirrels, Cribbing Collars, Construction Progress

I think I mentioned that the horse dentist has been out a couple of times recently. It was Ogie’s turn to be done last week and I removed his cribbing collar when it was his turn to have his teeth floated. After he was ready to go back outside I started to put his miracle collar back and on and then I thought, what the heck, I’ll try one more time to leave it off. Ogie has lived with us for a few years and his person told us when he came that he was a very devoted cribber....

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Back to Routine

Things have been much calmer after the big move. The Big Boys have been amazingly calm about everything. They certainly don’t act like much has changed which is great. I will admit I am still pleasantly surprised by this. I keep replaying the events of the move in my head and I am continually amazed at how perfectly everything went. The move was over and done in an hour and twenty minutes. I assumed we would still be pleading with and begging a few of the boys to get on the trailer during that frame!! This week is back...

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Moving Day

This weekend was an exciting and very busy weekend for us. We moved the first group of horses to the new farm. The Big Boys made the trip together on Saturday and they travelled in style on a big, shiny semi. We wanted them to have no period of separation at all to minimize stress and it seems to have worked. The day went better than I would have ever predicted. Our shipper pulled up at 10am sharp, and by 11:20am the boys were grazing in their new pasture. It did not even take an hour and half to...

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Dentist, Water Troughs & Stuff

We’ve certainly been busy around the farm lately. But I guess we are always busy! We’ve had a couple of visits from our wonderful dentist getting annual floats done on everyone. We’re not done yet as we always break it up into a few visits. While the horses are sedated I also take advantage of this time to clean sheaths. I always find it fascinating to look inside the horse’s mouths and put my hands in to feel before and after their floats. It is also interesting to me how well some horse’s teeth do with age and others...

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Murphy is a 17 hand chestnut thoroughbred who moved to our farm from Louisiana. Murphy and his mom competed through the Intermediate level in eventing. He has the cutest crooked blaze on his face and it works so well with his mischievous personality. Murphy is the perfect name for this horse! Murphy’s mom purchased him in 1999. Murphy was originally destined for the race track and even has a lip tattoo but he never actually made it to a race. He had never evented when he was purchased by his mom but she saw something special in him from...

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As we prepare to move our first group of horses to the new farm I’ve been making a supply list. We’ll have a period of time where horses will be at both locations so we need to be fully stocked with any needed supplies in both places. I’ve been making my list (and checking it twice) of any and all supplies I think could possibly be needed. It is really an obscene amount of stuff that you have to keep on hand to be prepared to care for horses. Most of the items will never get used (at least...

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Welcome Home Hoffy

My horse Hoffy came home last week. It is hard to believe he had been on loan as a “husband horse” for 2.5 years with our friends at Asterik showing off his cute face B-Rad and Murphy chatting over the fenceClay peeking out of the run-in shed Alex and B-Rad Asterik and Sebastian Trigger really wanted Spike to pay attention to him; look at those lips streeeetching towards Spike Leo, Hemi and Levendi O’Reilly and Trigger Trigger, Baby and...

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De-Worming made easier

Today was one of the horse’s favorite days (not) – worming day. We have to do this a few days each year and I finally woke up and realized these days could be hard or easy. I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but a couple of years ago after a morning of chasing down horses and having paste wormer all over my hands I decided their had to be an easier way. Since the majority of the horses live outside 24/7 I don’t have the luxury of just going from stall to stall and worming all of the...

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