Month: October 2010

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No, I Won’t Meet You at a Truck Stop

No, I Won’t Meet You at a Truck Stop

I had a new experience yesterday. I had a commercial shipper, one that I had never heard of or worked with before, demand that I meet them at a very busy truck stop right off of I-24 to pick up a horse – at midnight no less. For what seem to be extremely obvious reasons (at least to me) I said no. There is a lot wrong with this scenario. First of all someone from the office of this company had called me last week and asked if I would be willing to do this. I told them absolutely...

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Good Start, Bad Ending

The day started off nicely. I headed to the new farm this morning since today was farrier day there. The weather was exceptionally pleasant, breezy and overcast but with a temperature in the high 70’s. The horses were in a great mood, very relaxed and copacetic about life. When I know I am going to be bringing horses in later in the day I usually slip their halters on while they are eating breakfast. It makes it easier to sneak up on them later and just grab the halter. I watched Hemi and Thomas playing a fun game of...

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Weekend Pictures

As always we had a very busy weekend. I am happy to say it is raining as I type which is very welcome! It has been so dry the leaves have already changed and are falling off the trees. Hopefully the rain means I won’t sneeze as much tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Levendi, Grand and Hemi taking a stroll Ivan and Apollo with Trigger hiding behind them Homer (Homey, Home Boy, Home Fry)Trigger and Levendi Leo taking a nap Romeo and Asterik hanging out MyLight and Missy Boo and Murphy Dutch, Wiz, B-Rad and Alex Fuzzy...

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New Mouth to Feed

It was almost dark as I finished up evening feeding yesterday. I was walking up the alley towards the shed where I keep feed and some movement caught my eye. Since it was almost dark I had a hard time discerning what I was seeing. It looked like my yellow jug of vegetable oil was moving around. I knew this had to be wrong but that was definitely what it looked like. It occurred to me that I could use the zoom lens on my camera as makeshift binocular to try and get a better look. The camera was...

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Warm Season vs. Cool Season Grasses

Our blog posters and customers are wonderful folks, and recently one of these wonderful folks asked me a question about the difference between warm and cool season grasses. Excellent question ! Hope my answer clarifies, rather than confuses the issue ! It’s simpler than you think ! Cool season grasses grow well under cool, moist spring and summer conditions like those found in most of the northern tier of states and southern Canada, east of the Mississippi river. They begin growing as soon as the soil gets to a temperature of 41 degrees F which in the north means...

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Darby is a bay thoroughbred gelding who joined us from Ohio for retirement. Like most thoroughbreds Darby started his career at the race track. Since he doesn’t seem to have much of a race record it is probably safe to say that Darby was never destined for greatness at the track! Darby and his mom Darby and his mom met each other eleven years ago. After leaving the track Darby had made his way to an eventing barn. His owner at the time had gone through some life changes and had no time to ride Darby. Darby and his...

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Farm Stories

I was reading Funder’s blog this evening and as always got a laugh out of her posts. She mentioned about the crazy things you can find when you are digging around in your yard or on your farm. It made me think about one of the more interesting “finds” Jason and I have had. A few years ago we were re-building our cattle corral to make it bigger and change a few things. We needed to dig a bunch of new fence post holes to accomplish this. Jason was on the tractor and I was behind the tractor guiding...

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Interesting Sights

I was thinking today that there is rarely a dull day on the farm. Living with a farm full of large, accident prone creatures there is always someone walking around with a scrape or some sort of boo boo. Or they are doing something that makes me look twice, and I often have a few minutes of freaking out as well. A couple of weeks ago I was in one of the fields and happened to look up into an adjoining field in time to see Wiz go down for a roll at the edge of a wooded area....

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The Retired Life

The horses here lead a really charmed life. As I was uploading the pictures and video for this post I realized that today’s collection of visuals was an especially good example of how the horses pass the time. As you can see it is a really stressful life. They run around, they play with sticks, they groom, they graze, the socialize over the fence. I say sign me up, I’ll live here!One of the guests at the wedding was asking me about my horses and what I did with them. I told her they probably thought they were retired...

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some of the big boys grazing; it looks like Tony, Homer, Chance, Hemi, Ivan and Apollo Not that you can really see them but this is Baby and Elfin. Levendi and Thomashard to see them again but this is Baby, Levendi, Grand, Hemi and Homer Apollo, Thomas and Hemi Tony and Chance Homer Lightening Justin Fuzzy, Chili, Murphy, Dutch and Wiz Wiz playing in the water trough; a favorite pastime of his and then showing me his wet face Norman and Lexi Buster! Cuffie up to his pony wiles again, this time with B-Rad and the ears go back...

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Romeo is a handsome bay Dutch Warmblood gelding who joined us from Connecticut for retirement. Romeo is owned and dearly loved by a wonderful family who absolutely adore him. As all financially astute parents do they tried to find a way to not have to own a horse while still finding a way for their daughter to ride. Jason and I both laughed out loud when the mom told us a story about buying their daughter a saddle instead of a horse, hoping that would make her happy. My dad happened to hear this story as well and was...

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Wedding Day

It was definitely not an ordinary day around the farm today. Our friends Erica and Chris from Minnesota were married at the farm today. In addition to friends and family they also had several dogs and horses participate in the festivities (they invited themselves of course!). Between the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding we’re pretty sure the dogs wish we would get into the business of hosting weddings. The dogs were very polite and did not jump on people and try to steal food. Instead they just worked the crowd and made their rounds and as a result...

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Busy Weekend

We’ve had a lot of activity around the farm this weekend, even more than usual. Please enjoy the pictures and I’ll find the time to type something interesting soon. This blog exists for pictures anyway! Maisie and Lily grooming each other Winston and Faune Fuzzy PunchCuffie has been breaking in the new group of geldings on the other side of the fence since they big boys moved. He is such a pony. First he acts all cute and sweet and innocent. “Hi Alex, I’m Cuff Links. Let’s play!” Then he’ll bite them on the nose or do something equally...

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