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Screaming Like a Girl

Screaming Like a Girl

Today I finally made myself tackle one of my least favorite jobs; collecting all of the dirty horse blankets and getting them ready to be sent out for cleaning and repairs. I would rather another run-in shed under construction George and Asterik Silver, Fonzi, Winston and Faune Tony Thomas and Hoffy Chance and Elfin Apollo and Levendi Thomas and Ivan Slinky, Thor, Lightening, Noble and...

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Videos and Pictures

In addition to some pictures I also remembered to take several videos recently. Enjoy the sights and scenes from the last few days. I love being able to watch the horses play, groom and explore as a part of my job every day! Lately I see Clayton and Toledo “horsing around” almost every day Johnny and Rampal had a long grooming session Faune and Winston exploring in the woods – a favorite activity in the afternoons This is a typical morning scene with Chimano and Silver, they like to play while they wait for breakfast to be served. This...

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This blog post was inspired by a recent post by Kate at A Year With Horses. Kate has a wonderful blog and is always very eloquent in describing her work with her horses and her observations of them. I don’t think anyone who sends a horse here to retire with us has any but the best of intentions for their equine partners. Within reason, we try our best to ensure that the transition from their former facility to ours is as seamless as possible for both the owners and their horses. That said, I don’t think it’ll come as...

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Spiderman Pillow and More Hay

Jason has put in more than his fair share of hours on the tractor the last few days. He was complaining about the uncomfortable seat on the tractor (I will admit it does need to be replaced) and that he was tired of bouncing around on it through the fields. We had to make a run to the co-op for a few supplies so we went into the nearest store to see if they might have any seat cushions. The nearest store happened to be a Dollar General. I have to admit I’ve never been in a Dollar General...

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2nd Cut and Fun with Hay Tarps

We’re in the middle of our second cutting of hay right now. Today was just shy of a sixteen hour day. Yesterday was an “easy” day at twelve hours outside. We’ve got a couple more days to go to finish up the second cutting. I’m forcing myself to not fall asleep into my keyboard right now and it is taking a lot of effort! Apparently I perfected my Jason neatly stacking the hay so we can cover it with a tarp I didn’t get any pictures of Jason scaling the hay with the 125 pound tarp in tow –...

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Making and Feeding Hay

(post by Jason) In a lot of ways we run a pretty unique horse boarding operation. Unlike most barns, we make much of our own hay and we feed several hundred round bales during our short winter. There are as many thoughts on feeding hay as there are on making it and believe me when I say that many books have been written on this topic. Below are a few thoughts of my own on tending grass and making hay. 1. Grasses and legumes are mostly water when they are very young. For a few weeks in the early...

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Debating Horse Barns

(post by Jason) Melissa and I have been doing a bunch of thinking about what the next barn at the new farm needs to look like and be able to do. As most of you know, we’ve already built one fully functional horse barn at the new farm. The question at this point is do we need another fully functional horse barn, just like the one we already built, or would another type of structure suit our purposes better ? In many ways that count, I like our horse barn. It was designed to make the work easy and...

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Technical Help Needed

I am putting out a call for some technical help. I want to back up this blog. Google/Blogger can be quirky and unreliable sometimes and I hate the thought of one day realizing I’ve lost all of my 450+ posts. Backing it up to my own computer is not a viable option simply because with all of the picture and video files it is way too big. I back up the hard drives on our PCs using Carbonite. I contacted Carbonite and they do not provide services for backing up on-line content. I’ve found a couple of sources doing...

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Life with Jason and Tortured Eggs

As I was sitting here uploading pictures and wondering what I would write for this blog post, my thoughts wandered in a very non-horse related direction. I started musing about life with Jason, and I came to the conclusion that life would be very boring without him. This afternoon I found him happily Tony, Levendi, Homer and Baby Apollo, Hemi, ElfinSilky Maisie Johnny and Rampal having a grooming session George was giving Clayton a very thorough grooming over the fence Gus, Winston, Romeo, Faune, Asterik, Fonzi Lily and Cuffie looked very peaceful grazing in the early morning sun Chimano...

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Serenity Prayer

I have found myself repeating the Serenity Prayer often during the years I have had a retirement farm. On one hand this is a wonderful way to spend my days as caring for horses is something I love and enjoy. On the other hand all of the horses are here for a reason, the most common one being they are not sound. I always say that if you want to see a farm full of sound horses this is not the place. However if you want to learn to grade levels of lameness and hone your eye for lameness...

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Construction Progress Report and Farm Tour

The new farm continues to be a construction zone. I look forward to the day that this ends, however at this point that feels like it is a very long time away. Jason and I were talking about the fence last week and about how we would really like to paint it. Originally we planned to start painting fence either this week or next week. As we were discussing this last week I told Jason that I just could not handle having yet another large project on my plate. This is a role reversal for us. I tend to...

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But the grass is free… (!) (?)

(post by Jason) Actually, no, not so much. If there is one statement that we regularly run across in our business that is likely to set either Melissa or me off on an unexpectedly long winded tirade, it the the title statement to this post. I don’t mind answering the question when the asker doesn’t have the background to know what they are saying, but surprisingly to me I occasionally hear this comment from someone in the business. To everyone else, please believe me when I say the grass growing out there in the field isn’t free and is,...

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Long Week

I have to admit I’ll be glad to see this week come to a close. There have been a lot of lows but it has not felt like there have been many highs. I say that, but as I look at the pictures I just uploaded and see the happy horses grooming each other I know it hasn’t been all bad, it just feels that way. Whenever we have to euthanize a horse it takes a lot out of us. There is so much that goes along with the end of life. There is our own grief and our...

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