Month: October 2011

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He Said She Said

He Said She Said

One of the “joys” of working with your spouse every day are the misinterpretations that come because one spouse was communicating in a way that the other spouse can’t understand. I’m not talking about clear, concise instructions like, “Please clean the feed up that spilled on the office floor. ” Anyone can follow that, even me, at least when I can hear what the other half of our partnership said. This morning Melissa was in charge of the farm while I attempted to buy some new tires for the truck. When I got home I went out to check...

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Mineral Bioavailability

In my last post, I talked some about feeding a mineral supplement as a form of “cheap” insurance against a mineral deficiency, and I’d like to expand on that topic tonight. Feeding additional minerals is usually a reasonable thing to do in my opinion. There are a lot of commercial mineral and vitamin supplements out there that provide a good balance of additional minerals and vitamins and selecting one of these products is an excellent first step. The reason for selecting a pre-balanced supplement is that minerals and vitamins interact with one another and they need to be present...

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Fall Soil and Forage Tests

(post by Jason) Late October is an easy time of year to get used to here in Middle Tennessee. In my opinion the weather can’t be improved upon with lots of cool, crisp mornings and warm, sunny afternoons. The warm season grasses have largely gone by and because of this we are entering the easiest and most forgiving time of year to transition horses from stalls to pasture. It’s a great time to be outside watching horses, and it’s an equally great time to get some soil samples done and fall soil amendments applied. We’re in the middle of...

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Blanket Fail

We had a big temperature change this week. On Tuesday it was 85 degrees and sunny. On Wednesday the temperature reluctantly reached 50 degrees late in the day and it was overcast, windy and threatening to rain. We set a record as I decided we should put rain sheets on the horses. We’ve never used blankets in October before. Thankfully in another day we’re supposed to be back to our normal temperatures. Apparently the horses did not get the memo that we were there to save them. We were there to provide them with the creature comforts that they...

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I’ve spent the last couple of days knee deep in blankets. I’ve finally finished re-waterproofing all of the ones that I think might need it. Now I just need to finish getting them distributed around to their various storage places and we’ll be ready to go. Hopefully by being prepared this means they won’t be needed for awhile! I’ve had a couple of people ask what I use for the waterproofing. I like to use Aqua Armor because it is made for use on outdoor fabrics. It does not discolor anything and the breathability of the fabric is not...

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Strange Dreams, Comings and Goings

I will admit that I tend to have some crazy dreams sometimes. Often I can’t really remember exactly what I was dreaming about, just bits and pieces. One of my latest odd dreams was horse related. I was dating Prince William, and this part of the dream was odd in itself. I’m not a royal watcher. My sister on the other hand got up at some ungodly hour to watch William and Kate get married. However in this dream Wills and I were dating. This is where things get fuzzy. We were on one of their estates, one where...

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Addicted to Gravel; Miracle Video

As Jason mentioned a few days ago we have had a lot of gravel trucks coming and going lately. I lost count after 20 or so loads. We needed to finish putting gravel on the driveway. We had been But now our redneck driveway is gone and we actually have a functional driveway another before . . . . . . and after one of our beautiful curves that we almost straightened out over a stupid rock Thankfully the curve stayed; we started with crush and run as you can see here and then came back and added inch...

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A Week in the Life

When I left Corporate America to be a full time farmer, a goodly number of my associates reacted in one of two ways. One group thought I was going on a never ending sabbatical/vacation where the sun shone prettily each and every day. The rest thought I was walling myself up way out in the boondocks and I would never have cause to speak to another human being socially again. Of course the truth is that neither of these thoughts are even remotely close to correct, but the myths of what we do and how we amuse ourselves each...

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Earning a Visit

As most of you know we have almost unlimited uses for a chainsaw around the farm. I even have my own battery powered chainsaw – as Jason said about my baby chainsaw desperate times call for desperate measures. We have had one large tree down for quite awhile. We were trying to remember today how long we have avoided dealing with this tree. We have ignored it since May. To be fair Jason was ready to saw it up the day it fell but I would not let him. The horses in that pasture had picked the downed tree...

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When the Cat’s Away…

Melissa has taken a much needed break tonight and she’s off having a girl’s night out with some old friends. Normally, this would give me license to do lots of aberrant and fun things, but unfortunately someone has to stay home and tend the fort. More importantly, somebody has to write this blog and upload pictures. While there may be some small glimmer of hope for my literary talents, even I admit that my photo making and uploading abilities are pretty grim. Hindsight being 20/20 vision, I wish I had asked Melissa for a little help in uploading pictures...

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Equipment Failures, Groundhog Day

Unlike our The bolt was so hot it was smoking after Jason finished grinding it in half. Nice. Chimano, Fonzi, George and Gus, blissfully unaware of our troubles Asterik Winston, George, Silver and Faune Leo and Chance Hemi, Apollo and Thomas Ivan, Tony and Homer Snappy, O’Reilly and Lucky Dutch, Wiz, Murphy and...

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Miss Lyle Comes Home

We had a big day yesterday here at Paradigm Farms ! We’ve been busy from early until very late this week and every day as we drove by Lyle’s home we’d look for her out in her pasture. We got done in good time yesterday and it was a picture perfect sunny fall afternoon, so I suggested that we stop and see about Lyle on our way home. Our intent was to come back with the horse trailer the following day to pick her up but the kind lady who gave Lyle to us insisted that she had a...

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