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Back in the Construction Zone

Back in the Construction Zone

Last Friday we celebrated the day after Thanksgiving by finding ourselves back in a construction zone. I’m here to tell you it seems like it will never end. A couple of weeks ago we had some a day of heavy rain. It was the first heavy rainfall since the warm season grasses went dormant (and hence were not soaking up much water) and we found that we had some issues with drainage and standing water in a couple of areas which needed to be addressed. In addition to our drainage issues we needed to relocate a couple of our...

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As the World Turns

(post by Jason) Maybe it would be a more accurate title if it said As the Seasons Turn because the upcoming forecast suggests several cool, wet days so this marked the first general blanketing of fall 2011. We measure the passage and entrance of seasons a little differently than most people do, and the first general blanketing is a big turning point in our world because it means our blanketing season has arrived. For the next three months, blankets will be put on and taken off MANY times. Usually we feed our first hay a few days after the...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! As usual on the holidays we worked today. It was a beautiful day in middle Tennessee and I was appreciative to be out enjoying the day and working with the horses. As I walked around the farm this morning feeding and doing chores I took some time to really admire the views which are much easier to see these days with the trees missing their leaves. I am blessed to own and work in such a beautiful place (although I will admit to complaining about it on rainy days). I have so much in my...

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Deer in the Headlights….or in the Fence

Anyone who uses electric fence knows that the most critical detail regarding fence management is to always keep the fence hot. However, users of electric fence will tell you that keeping an their fence hot all the time is often considerably more challenging than it would first appear to be. We try to keep 5000 volts on everything at an absolute minimum, and I try pretty hard for twice that much though I don’t always succeed. Some of the problems and challenges you run into while trying to keep electric fence hot sure are interesting. After a lifetime of...

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Silky is a 28 year old Appaloosa mare who was born in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was bred to race and her sire is Deep South who is in the Appaloosa Hall of Fame and out of Go Yummer. Silky’s early career was at an Appaloosa race track and she raced under the name Strumming Yummer. After just a handful of races Silky injured her back, and somehow she made her way to Oklahoma where she was a barrel racer for a couple of years. Silky After her barrel racing stint Silky was labeled as “psycho” and “untrainable” and wound...

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Fun Feeding Hay

(post by Jason) I think I’ve mentioned before that I hate hay tarps, but in spite of my distaste we own several, the smallest of which is 36×50 feet. I’ve got a lot of experience with hay tarps which for those in the know means I have a lot of pent up reasons not to like them. Let me enumerate just a few. Hay tarps are unwieldy and are a royal pain in the rear to maneuver across a huge pile of hay on a 90 or more degree summer day.Hay tarps don’t breathe well. This means that if...

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Vet Visits

Jason and I are both recovering our voices and things are much louder around here again. It has been a busy couple of weeks so a couple of days of relative silence weren’t such a bad thing. I’ve mentioned before that we go through periods where we have no need to see our talk to our vet for weeks at a time. I remember fondly when we were in one of those periods this summer. Since he had not heard from us in quite awhile our vet called me to ask jokingly if we had by chance started working...

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Cat Got Your Tongue ?

I think this may well go down as the quietest week we’ve ever had in our household. No, we didn’t decide to go sotto voce, at least not intentionally, although we might now that we know how it can be. On Tuesday I came down with some sort of virus that features some nasal congestion and a really, really sore throat and just as I was starting to feel better Melissa came down with the same malady. I never lost my voice entirely but it was close. Melissa on the other hand is down for the count and pretty...

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I think the moral of the upcoming story is that we should never make work related excuses for not completing a blog story. You’ll soon see why if you follow along. We’ve been having a fabulous run of weather lately with sunny skies and temps generally in the 60’s and 70’s which is perfect for working outdoors. Despite the short days this time of year we have been taking full advantage of them, working consistently from sun-up until the light fails just after sun down. Unknown to most of you we have been operating with only one car around...

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This day managed to have too much work and not enough time and the blog is getting the short end of things this evening. We did manage to upload a few pictures so enjoy some scenes from around the farm! Murphy Renny Silver While Silver was napping he was sandwiched by a very dirty Gus and a very relaxed Fonzi Rampal enjoying a good roll then doing his dogwalk so he could roll on the other side mission complete Sam and Chili grazing while Fuzzy napped Moe and Homer Lucky, Thor and O’Reilly on the move Thor started to...

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Good Enough ?

Melissa and I get complimented on the new place fairly often, and for some reason this is especially true lately. As you might expect we never get tired of this….I don’t know anyone who *doesn’t* like to hear praise when someone is complementing their choice of real estate, but at the same time it’s kind of embarrassing because when Melissa and I look at the place we see everything that remains to be done. To us, it’s a work that is still very much in progress. With a couple of exceptions, most of what remains to be done could...

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In Memory of Missy

Yesterday was another sad day on the farm. We said our final goodbyes to Missy. We knew this day was coming and it was planned, not a surprise, but it did not make things any easier. Missy Missy was a bay Quarter Horse cross pony. She spent many, many years working very hard on a dude ranch in Colorado. Her job was to make sure the kids visiting the dude ranch had safe rides in the Colorado mountains. She worked tirelessly and always brought the kids back safely. enjoying some down time in her well earned retirement After many...

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Dressing Up Goats, Cleaning Troughs

We decided to dress up Jo, one of the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, as Batman for Halloween. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out all that well. The costume didn’t really fit right, the black cape blended in too much with the black areas on Jo, and all in all it was a Halloween fail. We always joke that Jo wants to be Batman for Halloween so we decided to make her wish a reality. She was pretty tolerant of actually wearing the costume aside from the head band with the batwings for her head. She shook and rubbed her...

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