Month: December 2011

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One of Those Weeks

One of Those Weeks

We’ve had a few too many misadventures in the last week. It all started as we were driving along Highway 31 planning to run a few errands and eat some lunch last week. We were driving along chatting away and all was well. Then we crested a hill and there was a large mound of something in the middle of the road. We ran over it at 50 miles per hour, and in the process heard a very loud “smack” upon impact. The kind of noise where you know you just did some damage. Jason immediately begins ranting and...

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The old saying that the devil is in the details is very true at least here on this retirement farm. In terms of duty delineation I clearly come out on top. I and the employees look after the details that are farm related including keeping the pastures mowed, the machinery running and the fences fixed and some of the horse work while Melissa does the lion’s share of everything else. There are a LOT of things included in the “everything else” category. Things like monthly invoicing, entering receipts, running QuickBooks, keeping up with bills and payroll, communicating with clients,...

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Christmas Traditions

I’ve been thinking today about Christmas and particularly about the varied traditions it brings about. When you grow up, as I did, in a fairly homogenous small community it’s easy to assume that everyone celebrates Christmas in a manner similar to oneself. Of course that isn’t true. It’s been a revelation to me to see how other families celebrate the holidays. It’s been particularly interesting to see and learn what other families consider to be important traditions in their households. Some celebrate with a meal of fresh seafood while others open their presents on Christmas Eve or forgo presents...

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In Memory of Clay

Yesterday was another sad day for us, we had to say goodbye to Clay. Last Wednesday when Clay was eating dinner he was eating very slowly. Aside from that he was acting completely normal, including trotting in from the back of the pasture with his friends when called up for dinner. His temperature, pulse and respiratory rate were all normal. His capillary refill was normal. Despite all of this, given that Clay was just shy of 33 years old, we called the vet clinic and told them we were bringing a patient. It seemed like overkill at the time,...

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Sam is a 13 year old Hanoverian gelding who joined us for retirement this summer. Sam was bred and born in Germany. His sire is Saint Cloud who was a Grand Prix dressage horse. While Sam was frolicing in a field in Germany as a young horse his future mom was riding and showing her Arabian gelding, ironically named Ham. Sam’s mom had been showing Ham at some USDF rated dressage shows and she was also starting to do the upper level ratings in Pony Club and becoming more involved in eventing. When it came time to purchase a...

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Water in Winter

I remember being stuck in Lexington due to an ice storm three winters ago when Melissa called crying and cold after being outside for seven hours on a ten degree morning trying to keep all the water troughs open. Fortunately there was not ice in Middle Tennessee but it was much colder than normal and at that time we did not have electricity at every trough. We also had one hydrant that had a leak and it froze during this very hard freeze. In spite of the ice in Kentucky, I dusted off my winter driving skills and left...

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More on the Pony Wars

We have told many stories of the pony wars that have happened here throughout the years. The mares like to stake their claim on a pony and occasionally they have what could be described as “discussions” about who owns which pony. One mare who has tended to stay out of the pony wars, in fact has seemed to have a total disinterest in ponies, has been Lily. Her arch nemesis in the world of ponies has been Cuff Links. When Lily first arrived and was integrating into her new group she was, how can we put this, unnecessarily rude...

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Chainsaws and Loaders

I had a profoundly thankful thought as I was effortlessly spearing and feeding 1,000 pound bales of hay with the front end loader earlier today. If there are two tools I absolutely cannot imagine trying to run a farm without they would be a chainsaw and a heavy duty front end loader tractor. That said, I’m going to start my thankful tool post with a gripe. If anyone wants to become an instant millionaire all they need to do is invent a blade for a chainsaw that holds an edge for more than a couple of hours. It is...

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Clayton and his mom first met in February of 1996. Clayton’s mom had ridden some when she was a child. She had a couple of horses and had fun with them but never took riding lessons, just enjoyed her horses. When she started high school she stopped riding altogether. As often happens she felt the urge to return to horses, and when she was 30 she bought a horse. She rode that horse for 13 years until she retired him, and the search began for another horse. Clayton (photo credit Bob Tarr) She ended up purchasing another horse from...

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Things Jason learned in 2011

1. Redbox is a vending machine for movie rentals ! Of course I’d heard of Redbox, but I had no idea until this year what it actually was or where I might find such a thing. (I’m aware this has absolutely nothing to do with horses !) 2. If you Ivan and Hemi Rampal and Tiny with Rocky grazing in the background Kennedy, Stormy and Toledo flat out on the ground Norman and Cuff Links Calimba Fonzi, Romeo, Gus and Silver were staring at something intently Winston joined the others in staring at whatever had captured their attention Rampal,...

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Cleaning Hay Feeders and Preparing for Rain

First of all, Melissa wants to say thank you to everyone for their boot suggestions, no doubt another purchase is in her near future. Her box from REI came on Friday and I got to see all of Melissa’s winter clothing and glove purchases. Curiously, I saw everything except the bill. I’m thinking that little nugget will remain well hidden for some time. As Melissa mentioned late fall weather in Tennessee can be somewhat schizophrenic. We’ve got a cold front that’s getting ready to stall out just to our west overnight tonight and that scenario usually brings copious day...

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Different Perspectives and Boot Suggestions

We’ve been having some typical end of fall weather in the last week. It went from 70’s and sunny, to 50’s and then 40’s and raining, and as of this afternoon we were back in the 60’s. This time of year Mother Nature tends to exhibit multiple personality disorder. One thing that has been consistent in the last week is the morning temperatures have been cool, anywhere from around freezing to mid 4o’s as we start our day. It is no secret to anyone who has read this blog that I really dislike cold weather. Jason with his Canadian...

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