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Not Much Complaining

Not Much Complaining

Just out of curiosity I clicked through some of the old blog posts from this time last year. I had a very common them running through many of my posts, and that was complaining about the weather. Anyone who has read this blog for, oh, five minutes, knows that I despise cold weather. I define cold as anything under 50 degrees. In my world tolerable is in the 50-60 range, nice is 60-70, and ideal is 70-85ish. Last winter was one of the worst winters I ever remember in middle Tennessee. This winter has been much more normal. Maybe...

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Horses in Moscow

Jason and I both like to travel although we have different ideas about what defines a great trip. I like to get off the continent of North America and Jason likes to be within a day’s drive of home and he hates changing time zones. He complains loudly about driving to Lexington, KY and having to switch to eastern time. Flying also would not make his list of favorite things although he usually tolerates it without complaining (much). Jason found himself being towed through JFK airport by me a couple of weeks ago to board a flight to Moscow,...

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Perfect Winter Day

There are days when we wonder why we do what we do and there are other days when we wonder why we’d ever do anything else. Today was definitely one of the latter. We watched the morning light up and the stars fade into a perfect blue sky this morning. We started chores just as the sun cleared the horizon and you could feel the cool morning air warm up immediately. Within a few minutes, the frogs and crickets began singing and well before I was done feeding the first group of horses I was down to shirtsleeves. This...

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Meet the Residents

I finally sat down and made a master list of the “meet the residents” posts. Just click on the names to read more about each resident. Hopefully I have all of my links going to the correct pages. If you find an incorrect link please let me know in the comments!Alex Apollo Asterik B-Rad Chance Cinnamon Clayton Cuff Links Darby Dutch Elfin Fuzzy Punch George Grand Gus Leo Levendi Lily and Norman Maisie Miracle Murphy MyLight Noble O‚ÄôReilly Rampal Rocky Romeo Sam Silky Stormy Thomas Thor Trigger...

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Pictures & Video

Fonzi, George, Gus, Asterik, Chimano and Romeo. You have to love the mud colored grey horses. Toledo, Rampal and Rocky in the background Chance George and Romeo napping, Asterik eating hay Faune, Chimano, Winston and Fonzi Lily, Norman and MyLight Lighty and Murphy playing Jason with Jo, Mina and Miss Lyle Jo, Mina, Bubba and Miss Lyle passing a lazy afternoon Levendi, Elfin and...

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Who’s On First vs. Who Cares

When Melissa’s not organized she is almost certainly in a BAD mood. I am almost the complete opposite of this. When someone decides that I need help in order to get myself better organized it’s almost certain to put me in a bad mood. If you sense that this could be pretty awkward, you’d be correct but most of the time we are able to find some middle ground in this muddle. However this week it’s definitely my turn to be in a bad mood because Melissa is in organizational overdrive mode. It’s almost like those shark frenzies that...

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Thor is a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred cross who joined us for retirement this past spring. Thor’s mom has owned and ridden horses since she was in her teens. She ended up taking a 15 year break from horses to concentrate on raising her family. As it always happens with teenagers, the day came that her kids decided it was no longer cool to be seen at the mall and were busy with their own activities. In an effort not to become a clingy helicopter parent she decided to find a local barn and start taking riding lessons again. Thor and his...

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Fickle Herd Dynamics

A few months ago B-Rad left the farm for awhile to see if returning to work was going to be an option. B-Rad and Alex had been BFF’s for a couple of years at that point, with Darby rounding them out into a triumvirate for a little over a year. For two years B-Rad and Alex were always together, almost inseparable. You always wonder what impacts there will be any time a horse leaves (although typically we only have horses leave when they pass away), particularly when they are very bonded to a certain horse. As we have always...

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Winter/Rain Clothing Update

Several of you were kind enough to share what you wear for boots and gloves with Melissa in a post she wrote back in early December. We took your suggestions plus some good ideas of our own, parted with a ridiculous amount of money and FINALLY got us some rain and in Melissa’s case cold weather gear that is fit to be called such. We work outside all day every day no matter the weather. In terms of comfort improvement I’m left wondering why we did not make these purchases a long, long time ago. (Melissa here: Why I...

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Welcome 2012

It is hard to believe that another year has passed. 2011 was an outstanding year for us in many ways. We completed a lot of building projects at the new farm including a few miles of fence, a couple more barns and several more water lines. Not to mention water lines, driveway and the myriad of other things that come along with new construction. Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time is very familiar with our construction projects that did not always go as planned. I like to refer to these as marriage building exercises....

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