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Last D-Day

Last D-Day

(post by Jason) Tomorrow is our last D-Day (dental day) of 2012 and I say that with a toothsome grin because what we’re hoping to do…and what we will do if all goes as planned….. is finish floating teeth on the farm until late spring next year. I think floating teeth is possibly my least favourite job on the farm. Even while sedated a few of our charges are something less than cooperative and my job is to hold their heads still and steady while the vet does his work. I have fourteen heads to hold tomorrow and experience suggests that...

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In Memory of Bush

We have been experiencing more than our share of the circle of life lately, at least it very much feels that way to me.  As everyone knows my father recently passed away.  Soon after that The Don was killed.  We had to say goodbye to Fuzzy last week.  This weekend we lost our coon hound, Bush, who had been pictured on this blog many times through the years.   Bush Bush was born and raised on the farm.  My dad was driving home from Memphis on I-40 and stopped to get gas.  While filling up his car he noticed...

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In Memory of Fuzzy

We had to say our goodbyes to Fuzzy Punch, more affectionately known as Fuzzy or The Fuzz, on Tuesday.  Fuzzy had been with us for a little over two years, and it had become apparent in the last few weeks that the issues that had led to his retirement were catching up to him.  Since he was just shy of 22 years old it made saying goodbye even more sad at his relatively young age, but everyone on Fuzzy’s team knew it was the right thing to do. Fuzzy Punch With Fuzzy it was not one of those situations...

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If Money Were No Object

I spent a couple of hours today working towards getting all of the blankets organized for the season. Notice I said “working towards” getting organized.  As I was sorting through the first few piles of blankets re-labeling them with  names and then distributing them to the appropriate location my mind started to wander. I don’t mind handling clean horse blankets, but I loathe dragging around dirty horse blankets. I don’t know why but I think horse blankets have some special membrane that attracts and retains dirt and grime, and all of that dirt and grime winds up on me. ...

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Trailering With Your Human

Jitterbug is back with another article! You can find the original article here.  I find Jitterbug to be the best equine correspondent I’ve ever read and she does a great job of explaining the most common responses our horses have to everyday scenarios. Here is Jitterbug’s article on trailering with your human: ____________________________________ Across the country, horse show season is in full swing, and you know what that means—potentially long rides in hot trailers with inadequate snack options (I asked for alfalfa, not grass hay, stewardess!) next to that one gelding in the barn who spits when he snorts....

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More Construction

After the experience of building our farm literally from the ground up I’ve been able to sum up my feelings about building things and non-stop construction projects pretty easily. I don’t ever want to hear “where do you want this to go” or “I need a check” ever again. After living through the building of six miles of fence, three barns, six run-in sheds, and putting in almost a mile of water lines I’m pretty much over anything to do with construction.  And of course we had to fight discuss extensively where all of these things were going to...

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Runaway Tractor

Jason has enjoyed being back to work the last week and a half.  Yesterday he was on the tractor working away at turning and spreading compost piles.  Things were moving along and the work was getting done until suddenly . . . it wasn’t.  Jason said he didn’t quite know what happened but he had a serious “WTF” moment as he pressed down on the clutch and nothing happened. What should have happened was the tractor should have stopped.  Instead the tractor just kept going full steam ahead with Jason having a freakout moment trying to figure out what...

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I’ve had more than my share of opportunities to be at one with Mother Nature lately.  I have to say that lately the weather has been nothing short of perfect for the most part.  The temperatures have been lovely, the humidity has been low, and I’ve mostly thought to myself how great it is that I get to work outside.  Alas I am sure you noticed I had to use the phrase “for the most part” when describing our lovely weather.  When the great outdoors have decided to be less than perfect the best adjective to describe them would...

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The Good Old Days

I realize I have a very jaded view on the topic of lameness in horses since I own a retirement farm, but sometimes I really start wondering about “the good old days.”  Although horses have always been fragile creatures it seems like they are more fragile than ever.  My pony was sound as a dollar until the day she passed.  My junior hunter never took a lame step, neither did my jumper.  All of these horses worked for a living as well.  They went to a lot of horse shows, logged many miles on horse trailers, spent their share...

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Together Again

After a couple of months of not working together as Jason recovered from his surgery we are now, for better or worse, working together again.  Working with your spouse can be a really wonderful experience. It can also be quite, hmmmm, how should we say this, “challenging” at times.   We’ve always tried to sort of have a division of responsibilities.  We do a lot of the work together but depending on the task at hand one or the other is in charge.  Jason and I are both chiefs by personality which makes this concept of his side of...

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Communicating with Clients

Melissa and I are blessed to work with a large number of truly excellent clients and we are even further blessed to have a waiting list of potential clients who’d like to send a horse for us to look after. Melissa’s excellent ability to communicate with our clients is largely why we are where we are today.  A critical part of the communication process is making sure potential clients have a clear understanding about what we can and can’t do before they send a horse to us. The most important thing we do in our business is care for the horses every single day. Nothing comes...

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101 Uses for Baling Twine

As I went to grab a piece of baling twine the other day to do a quick repair – on my shoelace – I started thinking about the unlimited uses for baling twine.  Off the top of my head I can think of many times I have used baling twine for quick fix.  I’ve used it to stand in for a broken blanket strap countless times.  I’ve used it to temporarily repair a fence board.  One time at a show when I forgot some of my stall set-up stuff I used baling twine to hang the buckets.  I’ve used...

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Back to Labouring

(Post by Jason) Six weeks ago today I showed up at our local hospital to have a small but troublesome congenital hernia repaired. The surgery was a breeze, I showed up at 6:30 am and four hours later I was sitting in this chair typing inanities on my computer. The six week recovery and fifteen pound lifting limit that accompanied my short and successful surgery has been frustrating at times. For awhile it seemed like every time I attempted a farm related task, even those that I had thought through beforehand, I ran up on the fifteen pound lifting limit. I can now...

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Drought Post-Script

Dry weather caused most of us to miss out on half our hay crop this year, which in this part of the world is a really big deal. Hay prices are up and hay tonnage is way down in spite of significant rains in August. As hard as it may be to believe from looking at the lush pictures we still have an 8 inch moisture deficit which is fairly severe. It wouldn’t take much dry weather to put us back into a grass killing drought situation. We’re sure hoping that the extra 3.6 million gallons of water it would...

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