Month: December 2012

A Year In Pictures

I always like to glance through all of the pictures I’ve taken at the end of the year.  It is always interesting to watch the changing of the seasons through the pictures and to see brief moments in time of the year.  Below is a compilation of random pictures taken during 2012.  Enjoy a pictorial walk down memory lane of 2012! January 2012 Rampal napping hard in the hay Jason hanging out with his girls, Miss Lyle, Jo and Mina Norman and Traveller are pony cuteness   Jason and Miracle on New Year’s Day 2012   The Kremlin in...

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I guess one of my last posts of 2012 will be pretty dull as it is already 9:30pm and I have 27 million other things I need to do before I go to bed.  Enjoy the pictures and hopefully we will be back before this year comes to a close with a much better post than this one! ______________________________________ Asterik, Titan and Romeo Lucky Lucky walking sedately with Lightening, Merlin and Noble on the run Merlin takes the lead followed by Lucky and Lightening Walden and Fabrizzio Gus with Romeo and Titan behind him Rocky and Largo were having...

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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.  We celebrated by putting blankets on everyone.  We had put sheets on a few horses a couple of times, but otherwise had entirely avoided blankets until Christmas.  So the horses all got their blankets put on them for Christmas.  They then proceeded to see how quickly they could get their blankets disgustingly dirty.  Sigh, the first and last time to handle clean blankets this season.   We are finally getting some winter weather. Our forecast has been all over the place for today and tonight.  I would love to have the job of...

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Tis the Season

Jason and I are being initiated into the real meaning behind the words “some assembly required” this year.  Thanks to those charming words there won’t be much of a blog post tonight.  We are busy attempting to do some “minor” assembly and wrap presents.  Given that we run a farm, own and operate various types of equipment, and have to be somewhat handy around the farm one would think that assembling toys should be a piece of cake, right? HAHAHA!! Then of course there are Jason’s wrapping skills.  Anything wrapped by Jason looks like it was done by someone...

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Losing Our Marbles . . .

. . . or maybe I should say our shut-off valves.  Yesterday Jason and I were cleaning troughs which is normally no big deal and a quick and easy job.  Us being us we managed to make it into a massive ordeal and it ended up taking us a couple of hours to clean one water trough.  The whole process is simple, shut off the water, drain the trough, clean the trough, turn the water back on and refill the trough.   We immediately ran into problems at step one, shut off the water.  We couldn’t find the shut...

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Incredible Journey

Jason made a quick trip to the small gas station/convenience store that is about a mile from our farm to get diesel this afternoon.  As he pulled in he saw a man standing next to his horse who was standing quietly, ground tied, a few feet off the highway.  Jason was quite impressed by the fact that his horse just stood there quietly with traffic whizzing by a few feet away so he went over to have a chat.   Angel “parallel parked” on Main Street in Franklin, TN; photo credit to the Franklin Theatre The horse’s name was...

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We had several acres of land cleared in October as the first step in building out our final pasture.  My dad’s little herd of pet cows will need to be relocated to our farm and we had nowhere for them to go, thus we entered the construction zone again.  I really nagged Jason about getting the land cleared and was concerned that the work had been done a tad too late for the grass seed to catch.  Jason kept assuring me that it was not too late and it turns out he was right.  The pictures below are the...

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A Benign Thursday

(post by Jason) I think the best thing about today, other than maybe the clear blue skies and cool but fantastic weather, was that nothing out of the ordinary happened. The first few days of this week were jam packed and busy with vets and farriers continually coming and going from the farm, we took a horse to the vet clinic, etc. so an ordinary, uneventful day was welcome. We didn’t even have to feed hay today. Faune, the Big French Guy, ready to go on a field trip to the clinic on Wednesday afternoon (all is well with Faune, he...

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Feeding Hay

Despite day after day of truly lovely late fall weather we started feeding hay in some earnest about two weeks ago. Right now it seems like every pasture is in a hay eating competition to see how quickly they can get through their bales. The Big Boys’ pasture is the hands down winner right now despite having untouched grass knee deep in some places. I put three 600 lb bales of hay out for them last Friday and by Monday morning I was extremely surprised to find that almost all of the hay was gone from each feeder. Personally I...

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Top Paradigm Farms Names

In my last blog post I mentioned that we had 11 of the top 100 SmartPak names represented on our farm.  We currently have three pairs of horses at our farm that share a name.   The only thing that surprises me about these three names is that none of them made the SmartPak Top 100.  I guess these names are only popular at Paradigm Farms!  None of the horses with shared names happen to be pasture mates which certainly helps to keep halters and blankets from winding up on the wrong horse, not that they would fit the...

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Top Names

SmartPak recently published their annual list of their most popular horse names.  They compile the list from the horses that are on SmartPaks each year.  The complete list of their top 100 names can be found by clicking here. This year we had 11 names from the top 100 represented on our farm. Any of the names listed in blue below are hyperlinks and you can click on the name to learn more about them. I am surprised that the names that happen to be the most popular on our farm did not make the SmartPak top 100 list.  In...

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A Showery Tuesday

(post by Jason) After a very dry November it seems December has started off unseasonably warm and today it’s warm and showery. As we move from fall toward winter, showery days will get more common and as the ground gets wet and the days continue to shorten our outdoor projects will slow down. I wouldn’t exactly call winter a season of rest…just doing chores takes many hours every day…. but it is usually a season of ordered work minus all the things that have to be done during the growing season. In my world there is no more soothing an activity than working inside...

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Green With Envy

On days like today I don’t think it would be possible to manufacture a job that’s better than what Melissa and I do for a living. I’m sitting by an open window under a warm, blue sky on an early winter day and I can smell the fallen leaves through the window quite clearly as I type this blog. The only sounds I hear are rustling leaves and the occasional bird call and the only other sounds I’m likely to hear today are those that I generate myself in the course of my work. There is no traffic. Nobody is...

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