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Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff

Like everyone else I am tired of hearing about our impending fiscal cliff. I am also sick to death of listening to all of our politicians, from the President all the way through every member of Congress, pointing fingers at each other and claiming the sequester is the other guy’s fault. Personally I think we need some term limits for Congress and no special healthcare and retirement plans for them either.  Sorry guys, you gotta live under the laws you pass just like the rest of us.  What does this have to do with horses?  I told Jason a...

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We hope everyone had a nice weekend and is looking forward to a wonderful week. Enjoy the pictures! _________________________________ Lucky with a big mouthful of hay Romeo and Lotus MyLight and Calimba hanging out Bergie and Stormy Lighty, Sam and Sebastian Homer and Moe Chance and Leo Thomas and Apollo Slinky and Snappy...

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As I was looking through some of my old pictures of Alex to use in this blog post I realized that it was three years ago today that he joined us for retirement.  In a sense I guess you could say Alex had some excellent connections to our farm.   Alex joined us for retirement from Florida, and there were already two other horses from his barn in Florida retired with us, Elfin and Levendi.  Thus when it came time for Alex to retire it seemed an obvious choice for him to join his fellow barn mates in Tennessee.  Alex...

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Sharpening the Saw

(post by Jason) When I worked in corporate America it seemed that the office world was full of metaphors. I can remember attending a three day workshop where we would pause often to “sharpen the saw” and “beginning with the end in mind” was a corporate credo for the masses. Well guess what I did today. I began with the end in mind, the end in this case being very real and very large clean fields full of waving green grass. The very first thing I did in the spirit of beginning with the end in mind was stop...

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Copy Cats

It may surprise you to learn that neither Melissa or I do a very good job of keeping track of what other businesses in our category are doing. We never asked anyone for advice before we started, instead we did a lot of planning, number crunching, and tweaking of plans. We have pretty much hoed our own row ever since. Mostly this is pragmatic. We are too wrapped up in what we are doing here to worry very much about what others may or may not be doing. That said, every now and again it is a good idea...

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Lighty is a big, grey Holsteiner gelding who joined us for retirement in the fall of 2011.  In more formal situations he goes by the name Casa Blanca, and he is by the famous Holsteiner stallion Cassini I.  Lighty and his mom became a partnership in January 2007. Lighty showing his winning form at a horse show Lighty’s mom is also the owner of Renny, another of our retirees, and even though they are not actually related to each other we often refer to Lighty and Renny as brothers.  It goes without saying that their mom has a great...

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Paradigm Farms State of the Nation Report

(post by Jason) This is the time of the year when farmers tend to look anxiously at the inventory in their hay sheds and begin to make predictions as to whether or not they have enough forage to make it to green grass time. Thankfully we bought quite a bit of forage before the worst of last summer’s drought.  Our limiting factor with hay is storage.  We have two large hay barns and between the two of them we can store about 25 semi loads of hay. In an ideal world we would have enough hay storage to store...

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Big Trucks

As you know from my previous blog we’ve already had our share of up-close encounters with bad drivers this week.  The very next day I had encounter number two of the week with a bad driver. I am happy to report that neither myself, my child, nor the vehicle I was driving at the time were harmed during this encounter – a win for me already! The other evening I pulled into a parking space at Whole Foods. I had Carter with me so I needed to go around to the passenger side and get him out of his...

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The Last 48 Hours = FAIL

Things have not gone according to plan at all in the last two days. It started yesterday with a truck that didn’t really want to start. It finally did start, however all of the electronic displays on the dash were blinking on and off indicating a lack of power. We unloaded the ton of feed that was in the bed of the truck and it thankfully managed to limp its way to the repair shop before giving up the ghost in the parking lot.  Given that the truck is a fairly new, low mileage diesel we were less than...

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Jason and I are pretty boring people for the most part. We are even boring when it comes to watching television. We rarely turn on our TV and it is not uncommon for us to 4 to 6 weeks at a time without ever turning our TV on a single time. Quite frankly we simply don’t have time to sit and watch television. However on the rare occasion when we do watch TV we continue our boring streak. We usually watch National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, or Animal Planet. Yes, I know, everyone wants to party at our house...

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Small World

I found myself experiencing a bit of a role reversal this past week.  My mom is currently laid up after having major surgery a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately her dad, who is 95 and has enjoyed amazing health both mentally and physically until now, found himself being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance last weekend.  My sister and I found ourselves in charge of making major decisions for our grandfather since my mom is still immobile. On Tuesday afternoon my task was visiting nursing home/rehab facilities to evaluate them for my granddad. He was going to be...

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Fudge Factor

(post by Jason) When Melissa and I started boarding retired horses we went through all the business start up costs and income/expense projections that she highlighted in her last couple FAQ posts. The one thing that she didn’t mention was what we call the fudge factor, or at least we call it that on a good day. Nobody starts a business thinking about fudge factors but it is a lesson every business owner very quickly learns to pay attention to and plan for.  It goes like this. After all the income is tallied and after all the projected expenses...

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