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Fainting Goat Reunion

Fainting Goat Reunion

The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats are finally reunited. The temporary fence creating the tiny paddock for Mina and Miss Lyle came down and there was a happy fainting goat reunion. Mina’s broken leg has been deemed almost completely healed by the vet and she no longer has to be confined to her tiny paddock. Jo was overjoyed to be reunited with Mina.  Jo butted heads with Mina over and over and over. I think it was the fainting goat version of a happy dance.  Miss Lyle bounded around all over the pasture, and jumped from the top of one...

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The Right Horse

I follow Denny Emerson’s page for his Tamarack Hill Farm on Facebook. He tends to focus on a few topics at a time, and lately he has made several comments about riders who keep trying to work with the wrong horse.  The horse is too spooky, not suited for their discipline of choice, not mentally sound, the horse may be too green for the rider, there can be any number of reasons why a horse and rider are a bad match. Denny’s comment today was “Trying to get a rider to give up the wrong horse is about as...

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Spring Jobs

Spring is always a nice time of year. Along with the fall season spring also tends to be a very busy time of year for us. All of a sudden all of those projects we were putting off until the weather was nice . . . well that excuse is no longer valid these days. In the next week I need to body clip my usual suspects. I always like to start with Lily and get the big clip job out of the way first so one day in the very near future Lily and I will be having...

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More Fence Building

You might recall that we cleared some land in the fall to prepare it for another pasture.  After the land was cleared Jason seeded it, and since then we have literally been watching the grass grow. Last week it was time to fence the grass in. You can follow the progress of the fence construction in the series of pictures below.  The pasture still is not ready for use. We need to hang gates at all of the gate openings. Heck we need to purchase gates so we can hang them, we haven’t even done that part yet. Then...

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Repaired Camera

Jason asked if he could have the camera for awhile today. I handed it to him thinking two things. My first thought was how nice it was of him to help me take some pictures of the horses for the blog. That is a daunting task to keep up with and I was really appreciative of the help. My second thought, which I verbalized to him, was that the lens on the camera was not retracting correctly when the camera was turned off. I told him to expect it and not to be surprised when the lens didn’t retract...

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Mina on the Mend

Mina the fainting goat is on the mend. It has been a month since she somehow broke her right hind leg.  She is officially out of her splint, is not wearing the cone of shame, and overall is much happier about her circumstances.  Jason and I received the bill a few days ago and we are less happy about the circumstances but what can you do?   Jason handing out some raisin treats to Miss Lyle and Mina note Carter playing on the goats’ teeter totter in the background Mina, aka “Mina the Czarina,” aka “Stripey Head.” She approves...

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Vaccination Day

Wednesday was vaccination day and we are happy to have that day done and over with. The day itself is never that bad, but of course there is always the possibility that it could be awful. We’ve explained before that the biggest issue on days like vaccination day is dealing with the runners. We always use the term runners to refer to the horses that decide to run away after they have evaluated a situation and decided they do not want to participate in whatever activity happens to be going on. Typically this means we are catching horses for...

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Just a Small Problem

I mentioned in our last post that we had a lot going on this week. Of course this means that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and as usual we had experiences that I am quite confident only happen to us. Monday was actually going along really well. We were checking off things on our to-do list at a good clip and all was going according to plan.  After crossing several items off of our long list of things to do on Monday morning we spent some time with visitors at the farm mid-day. We had a...

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Squeaky Wheel

The saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease must be true. Since my last post in which I complained about our less than ideal spring thus far the weather has done a complete turnaround and been pretty much perfect. Bright sunny days with temperatures in the mid 70’s have been the norm the last few days, which is right where we should be this time of year.  We have many things on the schedule at the farm this week. Probably the biggest one is vaccination day which will hopefully happen this week. We also hope to string off...

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Spring on the Lam

After a mostly bearable winter (you have to admit I didn’t complain much) spring has certainly been kind of a hit or miss situation here the last few weeks. Spring appears to be spending much of its time on the run this year.  Mother Nature teases us with a few beautiful days, then we are tormented with days like today where it is raining and the high was in the low 50s. Personally I find very little – ok actually nothing – pleasant about working outside on days like today. I envy the horses their ability to happily stand...

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Halter Tag

Some of the horses had halters on today as they were scheduled to see the farrier. Jason and I watched multiple games of halter tag, sometimes more than one pair at once was playing a game of halter tag. Sometimes we felt like we were at a tennis match as we would turn our heads in one direction to watch one playful pair, then turn our heads in another to watch a different pair. Our heads kept going back and forth, back and forth! Unsurprisingly the Big Boys had several games of halter tag this morning.  The busiest halter...

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