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We ran out of time tonight (more like all day today!), so I am pretty happy I managed to download and sort some pictures to post. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for your patience! __________________________________ Baby, Grand and Elfin Clayton and Donovan Fabrizzio and Walden Murphy and Africa Darby, Lighty and Alex Gus rolling, and George thinking that looks like a good idea . . . . . . Gus came up, George went down Bergie and Johnny Renny and...

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In Between Chores

(post by Jason) I’ve come to the conclusion that our lives here are Paradigm Farms are quite predictable at certain times of the day, and unpredictable at other times. Each morning begins with several hours of horse chores. We feed everyone and check them all over carefully, medicate as necessary or prescribed, and curry or brush out tails while we wait for the slowpokes in every pasture to finish eating. In the summertime morning chores start very early, during the cool of the morning at or just before daylight. Afternoon chores are mostly a repeat of what happens in...

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Laugh or Cry

Jason and I seem to be dealing with an endless list of broken things – tractors, equipment, vehicles, horses – you name it and we have a broken version of it right now. It feels like things have been reaching the point of do we laugh or do we cry lately. I knew we had reached critical mass when Jason was swinging away at the lawn mower with a sledgehammer. I wasn’t sure if he was laughing, crying or if he had finally just lost it.  Nor was I about to ask as he swung away. As it turns...

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A Primer on Deworming

I take no credit for the article below. I read it on the website of David Ramey, DVM. His summary of the latest recommendations for deworming practices is excellent.  One question I always ask before a new horse comes is what their deworming program has been and what products have been used. I am routinely surprised to learn that single doses of Panacur or SafeGuard are still a routine part of someone’s de-worming program. This is 2013 people, resistance issues are real and here to stay. There is almost no reason to ever de-worm an adult horse with a...

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Rebuilding Fence

I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that one of our ongoing projects is replacing all of the damaged fence boards at my parents’ farm.  As of today we are at 416 replaced fence boards and counting.  I am actually not exactly sure how many posts we have had to replace but I think we are at 12 and counting on the posts. I am confident that Jason is keenly aware of the exact number.  This is a tedious job that doesn’t take any brains or skill, but it takes a lot of physical effort and...

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Researchers Find Link Between Cribbing, Abdominal Pressure

This article below was originally posted on the and I found it interesting. You can find the original article by clicking here. I took the liberty of bolding a few sentences that I found particularly interesting. This study was part of ongoing research on the relationship between cribbing and colic. On the topic of cribbing I find that owners of cribbers generally fall into one of two camps, those that religiously use cribbing collars and those that try to avoid them. I owned a cribber for several years and I definitely fell into the camp of using a...

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Light Reading

From time to time I check in on the “equine court” page on Rate My Horse Pro. I hadn’t looked at it in several months and happened to surf in for a look-see a few days ago. I was reading through this suit, where the plaintiff alleges she was sold a six figure pony that her trainer/agent new was lame. The pony ended up having to be retired very young, I think at age 7. However the part that was very interesting to me wasn’t the complaints of this lawsuit. Quite frankly anyone can buy a sound horse one...

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