Month: September 2013

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Gibson is a bay Hanoverian gelding who was imported from Germany several years ago. His registered name is Grimaldi and he was sired by Grannus. Gibson had already made his mark on the jumper ring when he was imported from Germany. When he initially was imported he continued his career as a jumper, showing in everything from Children’s Jumpers and Adult Amateur Jumpers all the way through the Grand Prix ring. That alone makes him quite a horse.  Gibson with both of his moms on the day they bought him Gibson eventually made his way from the jumper ring...

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Little Chipper

I had a little friend following me around in the front barn today. I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye as I carried out my various tasks, and finally I turned around and realized I had a baby chipmunk following me around. He followed me from stall to stall as I cleaned them. He followed me up and down the barn aisle as I swept. He followed me into the office.  My little shadow even followed me out to one of the pastures.  Chipper and I were just walking back into the barn when Jason...

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The Horse is Where?

When I showed Jason this news article about a horse that managed to get on the barn roof he said, with absolute seriousness, “if I walked outside one morning and saw one of the horses on a roof I would crap my pants.” I think that is probably a pretty good summary of what I would do as well, although I would like to think that in the midst of my shock and horror I would remember to take a picture.   I’m not going to name any names, but we have a few residents that would absolutely climb...

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Together Again

Lily and I were together for the better part of the day again as she had another extended spa day. Everyone knows Lily because of the epic body clip she requires in the spring. Often I go through two sets of blades getting the hair off Lily in the spring.  Today Lily was clipped again. She started growing hair like crazy in midsummer, it seemed as if we could literally stand there and watch her hair grow. We had her Cushings ACTH test redone and as it turned out her Prascend dose needed to be increased again. It also...

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First Signs of Fall

If one is observant this was the week that brought about the first marked changes as our seasons progress from late summer toward early fall. Fall is a long, protracted season at this latitude. We’ll experience elements of fall including colourful leaves and pleasant weather from now through Christmas. But the first of them began this week and I like to mark their passing each and every year. In this part of the world nut trees, particularly black walnut, are plentiful and they are the first harbinger species. This week the nuts moved a step closer to maturity as...

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Serendipity in the Pasture

(post by Jason) After a spring and summer that was much below normal for temperature and much above normal for moisture we were really beginning to wonder whether or not our pastures were ever going to come on. This is going to sound weird for anyone in the northern US or Canada where cool season grasses predominate, but our summer pastures don’t thrive on cooler and wetter than average weather. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we live toward the bottom end of what is known as the ‘transition zone’. What this means is that we grow both cool...

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SportHorse Riders

I bookmarked this post by SportHorse Riders almost a month ago with the intent of sharing it . . .then I promptly forgot to share it for over a month. However I think this is an important resource to share, so better late than never, right?  SportHorse Riders is a website founded by two people that I really admire. One of the founders, Anastasia (Stacy) Curwood is an amateur rider, a published author and an educator with over ten years of experience teaching at the college level. The other founder, Carol Skricki, is a rowing world cup multiple medalist...

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Lofty is a bay warmblood who joined us for retirement from California in April. We have known Lofty’s family for awhile as they also own Cuff Links the pony.  Before he ever hit the ground Lofty was destined to be a great hunter. His sire is Aristos B, one of the most famous hunter sires in North America. Aristos B also sired Rox Dene, the horse that many people consider to be the show hunter of the century. Lofty and his mom at a show Lofty and his mom hanging out Lofty came into his mom’s life almost six...

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Lions and Tigers and . . . Frogs (Oh My?)

Jason and I had a pretty mundane day on the farm today. We were doing our usual mid-morning type of stuff, I was scrubbing mash buckets and Jason was getting ready to use the chainsaw. The only problem with his plan was the chainsaw didn’t want to start. After several tries, some tinkering, stomping around, etc. Jason decided that his chainsaw needed a little trip to the Stihl dealer.   The truck wasn’t available to give the chainsaw a ride so it was going to have to go in the trunk of the car. My comment to Jason was...

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After our scare on Monday Jason and I powered through Tuesday and Wednesday on adrenaline. We were super parents and super farmers and were on a mission to get things done. Of course the adrenaline eventually bails on you and then comes the crash. We both started crashing late Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning the crash was complete. Jason even bailed on me Thursday morning.  I wasn’t nice about this at all as I stomped out the door. So much for southern charm and graciousness. Sorry mom, I can’t say I did you proud Thursday morning.  Thus on Thursday...

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Sunday Stills

Sam, Darby and Sebastian Donneur and Gibson grooming Walden, Fabrizzio and Merlin trotting in for dinner Noble Africa Wiz Snappy and Lucky grooming Thor looking like a ghost horse on a foggy morning Lately these boys have formed the Pony Power Club and they hang out in the same spot every afternoon and usually stand in this same order, creatures of habit.  L-R Cuffie, Norman and...

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