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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Although both Mother Nature and our truck have tested our good humor the last couple of days Jason and I have remained in the spirit of thankfulness.  We have so much to be thankful for, and let’s face it, trying unsuccessfully to find the block heater on your truck (see picture for explanation below) is the epitome of a first world problem.  If you are reading this you are one of the many people we are so grateful to have in our lives. There are so many people that make such important contributions to our...

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In Memory of Snappy

Yesterday we said goodbye to Snappy. Snappy had been with us for many years and it felt like the end of an era at the farm. Snappy had a very quiet, unassuming presence about him and was always unfailingly polite and gentlemanly in his interactions with us. I think the best way to describe him is that he simply had a lot of class.  Snappy Snappy started his life in Poland where he was born.  He somehow made his way to England and into the hands of an eventer.  The young man who was riding him at the time...

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Mostly Forgiven

After all of our donkey loading adventures our relationship with Sparky had been strained. For anyone who by chance missed our donkey trailer loading adventures you can find part one of the saga here and part two here.  Although Sparky seemed quite happy with his move to our farm and pleased with his circumstances, he was not very happy with us. We were allowed to feed him, give him treats, and put his blanket on him with no issues. However any time we produced a halter Sparky would immediately decide it was time to exit stage left.  Sparky made...

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11 Things About Jason

Things you might not know about Jason: 1. I have been at least somewhat (in)famous for my knowledge of old timey country ways for most of my life.  During college my friends and I all acquired nicknames that were more or less accurate descriptors of our personalities at that time. Mine was Hick. This is really something considering that all the students who came up with my nickname were enrolled in the College of Agriculture. 2. I very much enjoy public speaking and standing up in front of a group.   No matter how big the group may be it does not bother me even slightly. 3. I...

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Things You Might Not Know

Everyone on Facebook is doing the “things you may not know about me” post. I was assigned the number 11, and since it was extremely hard for me to come up with 11 things you might not know about me that were even remotely interesting I thought I would share them on our blog as well.  I did a post similar to this a few years ago but I didn’t have to come up with eleven things, I think just seven, so there might be a few new things in here: 1. In my former life I owned a...

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RIP Beulah

My dad left behind quite the eclectic collection of pets when he passed last year. Everyone has read about our donkey (mis)adventures. The Don, the stray rooster that my parents adopted, made many appearances on the blog through the years until he passed last fall. My dad also left behind a few cows that we collectively referred to as the pet cows.  These were cows that my dad, for one reason or another, chose to keep through the years instead of selling them. We lost the matriarch of the pet cows today, Beulah.  My dad bought Beulah in 1994 and...

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Weather Change

We broke out the blankets this morning for the first time this season. We only have blankets on some of the horses and they will be coming right back off in another day, but nonetheless this is not a day I celebrate every year. At this point I think everyone is well aware of my bad attitude towards cold weather. Yesterday the high was 71 degrees with bright sunshine, pretty much a perfect day. Today the high was 44 degrees, and there was supposedly the chance of a light rain/snow mix this morning. Thankfully the precipitation never materialized, at...

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Of Mice and Men

(post by Jason) Had you been a fly on the wall while I was moving feed this afternoon you would have had a pretty good show. It all started uneventfully enough. I gathered cans from various barns and made my way to the bulk bin which is located beside our front barn. I don’t usually move feed on Sunday afternoon….I much prefer napping in my easy chair with Carter on my lap and Sunday is the one day a week when I can entertain this as a real possibility. However Middle Tennessee is set to undergo a big temperature...

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Desperately Seeking Tylenol

. . . or Advil, or Motrin, or something.  This isn’t going to be much of a post tonight.  I’m sitting here with a swollen knee that is black and blue and hurts like heck thanks to a not-to-be-named horse today. It is hurting enough that I, the person who abhors taking pills of any kind, am about to go rummage through the house and try to find some Advil or Tylenol or something because the pain is getting to me.  When I told Jason my knee hurt enough that I wanted to take something for it he immediately...

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Mina Has the Final Say

As you saw in a previous post Jason started construction on new housing for the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats a couple of weeks ago.  Jason made sure the engineering was top notch and proudly told me as he was showing me the finished product that it could stand up to a hurricane. I told him that was great. What I didn’t say was that we don’t get hurricanes in Tennessee but I figured why ruin the moment. You may remember this conversation from that previous post as I attempted to discuss with Jason the aesthetics of the goat condo....

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Levendi is an Oldenburg gelding who has been retired with us for a few years. It is definitely shame on me that it has taken me this long to put his full story together but better late than never.  Levendi’s mom first saw him on a video that she watched in a trailer at the HITS Ocala shows. She had another horse at the time but was looking for a new partner.  Her former horse had some challenges under saddle, namely bucking over fences, that understandably shook her confidence and made her decide to look for a more suitable...

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Halloween on the Farm

Halloween did not really live up to expectations in middle Tennessee today. We had light rain off and on all day, and this evening that progressed to a steady rain with wind. That all seems to have  moved past us now but it wasn’t exactly perfect Halloween weather. The town of Lynnville postponed trick-or-treating until tomorrow night.  The horses were having a grand time in the warm rain today. There was a lot of horseplay happening as the rain apparently made the horses frisky.  Jason and I reminisced about dressing up one of the World’s Cutest Fainting goats as...

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