I feel like I should hand over the reins of this blog to the National Weather Service as the weather seems to be the dominant theme lately. They would probably do a better job of simply informing you of the weather while skipping the rest of the complaining commentary.  
The good news: the last 8 days have been delightful. They have delivered lots of sunshine and much warmer temperatures. When the thermometer hits 75 I cannot complain and we saw that a few times. Yesterday and today were the cold days with the highs in the upper 50s. Even TEMA has agreed that all has been well in our world as we have been living in Level 5 – Normal.  According to TEMA this is the first time we have been Normal in 2014, make of that what you will.
The bad news: all the blankets went back on this afternoon in anticipation of our much less stellar forecast for the next few days.  I probably should not be complaining as there is no polar vortex in our future or anything like that.  But 30’s and 40’s with chances of rain/snow is  not exactly pleasant after 60s and 70s.  
I suppose I shall try to be content with the fact that according to TEMA we are Normal and just go with it. 
Renny, Murphy, Dutch and Wiz hanging out
Cuffie and Norman; the cool season grasses are starting to green up
I was pretty sure this was Africa  .  .  .

. . . but wasn’t positive until he finally sat up and looked at me
Walon enjoying a good roll and shake

Johnny, Toledo and Kennedy having a lazy day
Calimba and Maisie grooming
Gibson, Asterik and Cocomo
George and Flyer were being playful

Donneur and Faune