Without fail the fall is always our busiest time of the year. I don’t know why but it seems like September rolls around and we move into warp speed and we stay there through mid November. It was certainly highly inconvenient for Jason and I to be sick but we have gotten through it. Thank you to everyone for asking how we were doing. We are both much better although still not 100%. I would say we are both at 95% which feels pretty darn good after every joint in your body felt like it had hot pokers searing them constantly. 
We are now back to making our fall lists and checking them twice. We have lots of quality time with our equine dentist coming up.  We are discussing how many loads of gravel we think we need for our driveway and gate areas and to my surprise my estimated number was *higher* than Jason’s! Who would’ve thunk it?  Amazingly Jason is gearing up to mow all of the pastures again since we are swimming in grass at the moment.  But how do I know it is really fall?  Every time I go in a store I have to walk past the Halloween candy these days.  I’m no longer a junk food eater but I do love the candy corn pumpkins that are always out at Halloween. I will confess I have purchased – and eaten – one bag but so far but have otherwise managed to keep my hands to myself as I walk past the candy pumpkins. I snuck them into the house and ate them in my closet so I wouldn’t have to share them with Carter. Is that pathetic or what?
Fall has officially arrived. The days are getting considerably shorter. We have way too many extra projects and things to do.  Most importantly I am trying my best to pretend that I don’t see the candy pumpkins desperately seeking my attention. Just say no the candy pumpkins Melissa.
Baby, Thomas, Homer and Levendi
Flyer and Silver
Baby and Apollo
 Romeo, Gibson and Faune
Darby, Alex and B-Rad

Renny and Dutch
George and Cocomo
Trigger and Ritchie