I’m always surprised when people ask us what we have planned for a holiday like Labor Day, especially when the people posing the question are horse people. My standard response to the question “what are you doing for Labor Day” is always the same, “laboring.” 
We run a farm that has livestock on it. They have to be fed and cared for 365 days per year regardless of who is sick, who died, what the weather is doing or what holiday it happens to be. I would hope that every single farm with animals living on it had people laboring on them yesterday. If they didn’t I feel very sorry for the horses and other animals who have the misfortune of living there.  We certainly were not looking for any extra work to do yesterday but chores and horse care happened just like they do on any other day.
I always tell people they need to think of a horse farm like a hospital or a nursing home or some other type of business that has to carry on as usual every single day. As it turned out yesterday was a nice day to be outside working, at least for late summer in middle Tennessee. As an added bonus the horses were cooperative and there were no emergencies or surprises (on a horse farm surprises are generally not a good thing!).
I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day whether you spent it laboring or enjoying some well deserved down time.  We are heading off to bed shortly as we have an extra early start time scheduled for tomorrow morning. We have a busy day with the farrier tomorrow and we need to be “farrier ready” by 7:15 in the morning. Our 4:30 wake-up time will be here all too soon.
Kennedy and Oskar
Walon and Stormy
Donneur and Lofty
Darby, Alex, Lighty and B-Rad
Fabrizzio and Duesy

Norman and Cuff Links
Levendi, Trigger and Tony
Gibson and George