Timbit and Carter made their horse show debut together this past weekend. It was most likely their first and last show together since Carter has outgrown Timbit. They did a walk only dressage test and scored a respectable 72%.

I will give Timbit credit and say that he acted like a seasoned pro from start to finish. He self loaded on the trailer, didn’t peek at anything all day, confidently ate hay in his palatial horse show stall, paraded around the arena like a star, and generally acted as if he owned the show, the facility, and life itself. His horse show behavior did, by a very tiny amount, make up for the countless times he has bitten or kicked at me, Jason, Kate, the farrier, the vet and generally any full sized person.

Congratulations to Carter and Timbit on a first and last successful horse show.

Carter and Timbit heading to the show ring65-800x725

We almost had a stowaway come along for the ride; Igor was very interested as I was loading tack in the trailerimg_5093-800x600

Nothing was escaping Igor’s noticeimg_5094-800x600

He thoroughly inspected the horse area of the trailer as wellimg_5098-800x600

we could have longed Timbit in his horse show stall71

trainer Kate assisting Carter with his tie66-800x565

Last minute preparations; the expressions of both Timbit and Carter say, “I’ve got this”69-595x800

I’m not sure if Timbit or Carter has the bigger smile70-571x754

they stole the show on cuteness alone67-800x511

Magic and Ripleyimg_5108-800x600

Dawn and MyLightimg_5110-800x600

Calimba and Dawnimg_5111-800x600

Renatta and Maisieimg_5119-800x600

Cuffie and Lilyimg_5128-800x600

It was hard to tell who was enjoying the hay so much . . . img_5161-800x600

. . . it was Hemiimg_5160-800x600

Walon and Johnnyimg_5169-800x600

Elfin and Grandimg_5175-800x600

Rocky, Johnny and Toledoimg_5178-800x556

Alfie, Remmy and Duesyimg_5185-800x600

Baner, Hesse and Brunoimg_5189-800x600


Cocomo and Donneurimg_5196-800x600