With the many other things that have been happening around the farm over the last couple of weeks, we also managed to squeeze in a third round of clipping. It is impressive how much hair some of our PPID/Cushing’s residents can grow over the course of a year. We had several clips in round three and I’m hoping we might be done for the year. I’ve got my eye on a couple that we didn’t clip in round three but might need to get clipped in the next week. Generally I don’t like to clip anyone after early September so I don’t interfere with their winter coats.  I’m not sure what our total count is for body clipping this year, but it would be somewhere around forty. That is a lot of hair, most of which winds up on our clothes, in our hair and generally everywhere you don’t want to have horse hair.

Gus (letting us know his opinion of the situation) and Bruno being clipped

Lily after her third clip

Maisie after her third clip

Rubrico, Walon and Toledo

Ricardo and King

Rocky and Toledo

Magic and Ripley

Cisco and Trigger

Ricardo and Hemi

Thomas and Apollo

Levendi and Moe

Homer and Revy

Convey, Baby and Chance


Walon and Wilson

Gus, Squirrel and Sushi