Hemi and Apollo hanging out
Bergie showing everyone how they’re supposed to look after a good roll
Darby showing off his fuzzy winter ears
Moe was the last man standing, surrounded by Trigger, Apollo, Levendi and Homer
Elfin and Baby on the run
heading across the pasture single file; Winston, Silver, Lotus, Romeo, George and Gus
Wiz and Sam napping in the shed
Lighty and Johnny being silly
Toledo and Johnny
I remember taking this picture of Norman and Cuffie because you could see snowflakes in the air
Traveller and Silky grooming
Mina, one of the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, showing off her splint for her broken leg and her cone of shame (since she CHEWED OFF the splint the first time and had to go back under anesthesia a second time to have the whole splint redone!!)
Grand and Elfin
George and Gus on the run
Jo and Mina having an enthusiastic reunion after Mina had been separated for several weeks with her broken leg
Clayton surveying his kingdom while Stormy grazed
Rocky, Largo, Kennedy and Oskar
Thor and Snappy
O’Reilly and Lucky
Calimba and Lily on the run
Flyer and Faune
Leo and Chance
Johnny and Donovan
Oskar and Clayton
Cinnamon, MyLight and Maisie
Donneur, Lofty and Gibson
Tony, Levendi and Apollo
Lofty, Gibson, Donneur and Flyer
Hemi and Apollo
Donovan didn’t want to be black anymore, he wanted to be brown
Noble and Lightening
Rocky and Bergie
Africa and Johnny having some quiet time before breakfast
Jason let Thomas borrow his phone to check his facebook account; looks like he saw some pretty shocking gossip
Flyer, Faune and Silver running through the morning fog for breakfast
Wiz and Murphy
Merlin, Fabrizzio and Walden
foggy morning
Oskar and Clayton in the front, Toledo, Kennedy and Bergie in the back
Gus and Asterik grooming
Alex and B-Rad
Asterik, Gus, George and Silver
Maisie and Norman
Cinnamon, Silky and Traveller
The Pony Power Club hanging out; Cuffie, Norman and Traveller
Grand and Trigger having playtime on a rainy morning
Merlin and Walden playting
Lotus and Cocomo being wild things
Snappy and Slinky on the run
Jason building a new house for the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats
MyLight, Cinnamon, Norman and Calimba
Murphy, Dutch, Wiz and Renny
Sparky refusing to get on the trailer even while being pushed with the tractor; right after I took this picture he laid down
the victory picture after Sparky was loaded on the trailer after a month of trying; 7 of the 9 people it took to (finally!!) get Sparky on the trailer
Miracle, Griselle and Sparky
O’Reilly and Lucky
Sparky and Melissa hanging out
Darby, Alex, Sam and B-Rad
Trigger offered to help carry some halters
Kennedy and Toledo being wild
MyLight, Lily, Dolly, Calimb and Traveller
Jason took a selfy with Lighty
Miracle and Griselle
Merlin saying to O’Reilly “if I just give it a good tug like this I can your blanket off for you”
Ritchie and Rip waiting for breakfast
Trigger and Moe having playtime
Walon saying to Largo “play with me!!”
frosty morning
Thomas and Homer
Lofty, Donneur, Cocomo and Romeo
Timbit and Carter getting to know each other on Christmas
Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014!!