January 2018

Romeo and Lotus

Bruno, Havana and Fabrizzio

Miss Lyle playing on the teeter totter

Walon, Johnny and Wilson

George, Lotus, Romeo, Donneur, Gibson, Silver and Lofty

Walon and Sushi

Thomas, Apollo and Moe (and Ewen)

February 2018


Moe, Revy and King

Cisco and Hemi

Calimba and Dolly

Taylor and Havana

Rocky and Toledo


Dawn and Cuffie

March 2018

Cocomo and Asterik

Cuffie and Dolly

Hesse and Art

Remmy, Alfie and Taylor

Chance and Convey grooming

Jason spreading fertilizer

Carter and Timbit having their horse show debut

Dawn and MyLight

Rubrico, Rocky, Sushi, Gus, Wilson and Squirrel

April 2018

Revy, Thomas and King

Happy, Paramount, Miel, B-Rad, Mick and Taco

the kitten we found in a run-in shed

Apollo and Hemi

Rip and Grand grooming


Digby, Johnny and Sebastian

Cocomo and Silver

Walon and Rubrico

May 2019

Merlin and Cino

Havana and Alfie

Norman and Traveller

Quigly, Digby, Paramount and Miel

Roho and Magic

Taylor and Merlin playing

Cuffie and Renatta

Cocomo and Asterik

King and Trigger

Traveller and Dolly grooming

Flyer and George grooming

June 2018

B-Rad and Paramount

Hemi and Thomas

Ripley, Gus and Sushi

Cocomo and George

Dolly, Dawn and Cinnamon


Homer and Revyimg_7889-800x628


Roho and Gus

July 2018


Merlin and Cinoimg_8604-800x600

Homer, Moe and Ciscoimg_8020-800x534

George and Asterikimg_0332-800x600

Baner and Artimg_0260-800x600

Ripley and Walonimg_0975-800x600

Cocomo and Donneurimg_8560-800x600

Gibson and Silverimg_0733-800x600

Cino, Art and Duesyimg_0254-800x629

Quigly and Mickimg_0385-800x600

Duesy and Remmyimg_7786-800x600

Calimba, Traveller and Cinnamonimg_0952-800x600

August 2018

Cino, Remmy, Merlin and Brunoimg_1418-800x600

Blu and Sebastianimg_1138-800x600

Roho, Wilson, Walon and Ripleyimg_1792-800x600

Lofty and Cocomoimg_1439-800x600

Miel and Samimg_0962-800x600


Thomas, Hemi and Apolloimg_1889-800x600

Grand and Ripimg_1657-800x600


Magic, Sushi and Squirrelimg_0970-800x600

Nemo and Quigly groomingimg_1589-800x600

September 2018

Sabrina and Sparkyimg_2479-800x600

Homer and Moeimg_2544-800x600

B-Rad and Bluimg_2086-800x600

Romeo, Lotus and Silverimg_1949-800x600

Donneur and Loftyimg_1580-800x600

Cinnamon and Dawnimg_1386-800x600


Nemo and Tacoimg_2257-800x600

Maisie, Renatta and Calimbaimg_2209-800x600

Rubrico and Toledoimg_1983-800x600

Flyer and Gibsonimg_2797-800x600

Happy, Johnny and Lightyimg_1400-800x600

Dolly and Norman

October 2018

Digby, Blu, Paramount, Taco and Sam

Charlotte and Maggie

Renny, Art and Baner

Cino, Merlin, Havana, Alfie and Taylor

Rocky, Toledo, Gus and Roho

Ascot, Blu and B-Rad

Cuffie and Lily

Baby, Homer and Revy

Asterik and Gus

Sam, Johnny and Miel

Sparky, Sabrina and Timbit

Missy, Maggie and Jake

Ricardo, King, Convey and Chance

November 2018

Convey, Chance and Baby

Renny, Duesy, Merlin, Art and Remmy

Trigger and Baby

Lighty and Miel

Apollo, Revy, Moe, Thomas and Trigger

Rubrico, Wilson and Rocky

fun run; Penny, Lily, Dawn, Maggie, Cuffie, Calimba, Dolly, Maisie, Jake, Missy

Penny and Missy

Maggie and Jake

Quigly, Nemo, Paramount and Sebastian

Apollo and  Hemi

Magic and Sushi

Dawn, Lily and Maisie

December 2018

Igor playing with Ewen’s tail

Duesy and Merlin

Ricardo and Convey

Penny, Jake and Missy waiting for breakfast under an impressive sunrise

Cisco and Levendi

Johnny, Happy and Blu

Gus and Squirrel

Toledo and Rocky

Homer and Revy

Bruno and Alfie

Jake and Cuffie

Moses and Flyer

Thomas, Moe and Levendi

The End