January 2015
Leo, Levendi and Apollo
Walon and Oskar
Rubrico and Donovan
Largo and River
Sparky, Griselle and Timbit
Silky and Norman
Gibson and Silver
Hesse, Walden and Remmy
Thomas, Moe and Homer
Homer, Ritchie and Baby
Apollo and Hemi
Flyer, Lofty and Donneur
February 2015
Apollo, Hemi and Thomas
Alex, Mick and B-Rad
Bruno, Duesy, Hesse, Walden, Fabrizzio, Merlin, Remmy
Calimba, Dolly and Cuff Links
Lighty, Sebastian and Sam
Homer, Trigger, Ritchie and Levendi
Mick and Johnny
Walon and Johnny
Johnny, B-Rad, Dutch, Renny and Murphy
Cuffie, Traveller, Silky and MyLight
Ritchie and Hemi
March 2015
Grand and Moe
Remmy and Hesse
Faune, Donneur and Romeo
Clayton and Rubrico
Lighty and Mick
Merlin rolling, Fabrizzio and Duesy eating hay
early morning hay eating
Ritchie and Tony
MyLight and Silky
April 2015
Murphy, Renny, Taco and Mick
Romeo and Gibson
Calimba, Cinnamon, Dolly and MyLight
B-Rad, Nemo and Taco
Norman and Cuff Links
Largo, Stormy, Donovan and Clayton
Chance and Tony
Lightning, Lucky, Remmy and Hesse
Kennedy and Oskar
Calimba and Maisie
Timbit and Griselle
Duesy, Hesse, Remmy and Merlin
May 2015
Silver, Cocomo, Lofty, Lotus, Romeo, Donneur and Flyer
Traveller and Maisie
Dolly, Calimba and MyLight
Murphy and Blu
Donneur and Gibson
Asterik and Lotus
Homer, Moe and Levendi
Jo, Miss Lyle and Mina; The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats
Donneur, Romeo and Lotus
Trigger and Ritchie
Jingle and Joy chatting with Oscar
Stormy and Walon
Toledo and Johnny
June 2015
Nemo and Taco
George, Flyer and Gibson
Mick and B-Rad
Hemi and Thomas
Bruno and Duesy
George and Asterik
Homer, Tony and Baby
Calimba and MyLight
Johnny and Sebastian
Dutch, Blu and Murphy
July 2015
Grand, Elfin and Rip
River, Rubrico and Oskar
Gus, Silver and Cocomo
Oskar, Largo and Johnny
Lofty and Romeo
Kennedy being groomed by Stormy and Clayton
Merlin and Bruno
Lightning, Bruno, Slinky and Duesy
Moe, Homer and Tony
Hemi and Apollo
Dutch, Renny and Murphy
Lily and Maisie
Leo and Chance
August 2015
Silky, Lightning, Lucky and O’Reilly
Lotus, Cocomo and Gus
Flyer, Faune and Asterik
Cuffie and Lily
an August sunset over the farm
Trigger playing with some halters
Traveller and Maisie
Sparky and Griselle
Slinky and Lightning
Rip and Elfin
George and Asterik
Rubrico and River
Remmy, Duesy and Fabrizzio
September 2015
Cinnamon, MyLight and Calimba
Dolly and Norman
Apollo and Thomas
Sebastian and Johnny
Lily and Traveller
Walon, Toledo, Donovan, Johnny and Oskar
Bonnie and Griselle
Murphy and Taco
Sam and Lighty
Walon and Toledo
Gibson followed by Lotus, Silver, Cocomo, George and Asterik
October 2015
Grand and Rip
Donneur and Lofty
Mick and Alex
Happy and Murphy
Traveller and Norman
Trigger, Moe and Convey
Maisie, Calimba, Cuffie, Lily and Norman
Kennedy and Clayton
Rocky and Roho being goofy
Sam and Johnny
November 2015
Fabrizzio and Walden
Remmy and Duesy
Maisie, Cuff Links and Lily
Timbit and Sparky
Bruno and Cino
L-R Baner, Hesse, Merlin and Duesy
Taco, Johnny and Nemo
Homer and Trigger
Faune, Donneur, Lotus and Romeo
December 2015
Mick and Lighty
Moe and Thomas
Walon and Rubrico
Gus and Asterik
Walden, Remmy, Hesse and Baner
Murphy, Sam, Lighty, Happy and Mick
George and Silver
a December sunrise
The End