Everyone at the farm has been enjoying the extended fall weather we have been having. Today was the “coldest” day we’ve had in awhile, and the high temperature only made it to 65F/18C. We’ve had an unbelievable number of days in a row that topped out in the 70s. Yesterday Jason and I were discussing mowing the grass along the driveway, in the barn yards and around the house. Even in the southern part of middle Tennessee we shouldn’t be discussing mowing the lawn in the middle of December. Having a few scattered days in any winter month in the 70’s isn’t unusual in this part of the world. Having day after day after day of it at this time of year is unusual.
Since I hate cold weather (anything under 50F/10C qualifies as cold in my world) I’m really liking this streak of early fall/late summer temperatures in December. But the last few days a few bot flies and stable flies have been back and I’m not enthralled with that. We don’t have swarms of flies or anything like that, more like the occasional tail swish every 15 minutes. However the fact that there are any flies at all in the middle of December is just wrong. 
It looks like much of the country is experiencing the same unseasonably warm weather. Check in and let us know what the weather is doing in your part of the world. 
B-Rad and Murphy
Duesy and Merlin
Walden and Cino were having lots of fun yesterday after the rain stopped

Cocomo and Faune
Silver and Faune
Taco and Nemo
Blu and Wasabi
Gus and Cocomo were being wild and Cocomo was showing off his athleticism
Gus and Cocomo
River and Rubrico
Trigger with Thomas and Ritchie behind him