You’ve met our wonderful farrier Gwen before in

Harmony is the definition of herd bound, and is never too happy about being in the barn. She likes Gwen though and is good for her.

Since I was already on Harmony’s bad list I went ahead and gave her a bath as well. That really made her happy (that was said with much sarcasm). Instead of putting her back out right away I put in her a stall to dry In between screams to her friends she entertained herself. Here she is chewing on the door.

Screaming at me to let her out. (Okay she was actually yawning)

Rubbing her head on the door to entertain herself

Letting me know she would have the last laugh. She rolled as soon as I put her out. By the gate. In the dirt. Leo politely waited his turn. Well, he made a few calls to his friends in between bites of hay.

Leo with his hoof on the stand Homer looking very alert while Gwen works away

Ivan made lots of faces for the camera to entertain himself. He liked to open his mouth when the fan was blowing on him. I have no idea why.

Sticking his tongue out at me.
I don’t even know what to say about that. Ogie is another one that is not crazy about being in the barn, although he has good manners once he’s in. Ogies manages to rest his hind leg while he has a front hoof on the stand
That’s all folks!