Yesterday evening Jason and I were standing in the aisle of the barn talking about something. It must not have been too important as I can’t remember the conversation we were having. Jo, one of the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, came sauntering in to the barn. We joke that Mina and Jo like to leave a path of destruction as they go through the barn. They get into everything, knock everything over and generally wreak havoc while having a grand time.
We watched Jo walk over to where the bulletin board hangs on the wall. Without a moment’s hesitation she stood up on her hind legs, grabbed a push pin off the bulletin board, and then proceeded to start swallowing it.
Jason sprang into action faster than I would have ever thought it possible for him to move. He was across the aisle in about a 10th of a second. Another 10th of a second after that he was straddling Jo and had her mouth pried open with his hand in it. I heard a clink as the push pin dropped onto the concrete aisle. Jason grabbed the pin, then proceeded to remove all of the push pins from the board and throw them in the garbage can with the locking lid.
Jason then turned to me and said “I thought horses were the ones that got up every day looking for a way to kill themselves.” Apparently we can add fainting goats to that category. I had noticed recently that the board seemed to be down a few pins . . .
Fuzzy was hyper yesterday and doing his best to get others revved up; he managed to get B-Rad and Alex to trot around a bit and Boo to run

Spike peeking over Lucky (O’Reilly in the background)

Springtime work has been underway the last week; Jason has been busy re-seeding pastures Some of the horses have already had their first spring baths as well; this is Asterik looking quite displeased with his bath. Cuffie, fuzzy pony
Lily and Maisie napping
Murphy (more affectionately referred to as Murph!)
B-Rad and Johnny playing over the fence
MyLight passing a leisurely afternoon with a nap
Romeo and Asterik
Faune sporting what we call his “cow nose” look (from eating a hay cube mash)
Tiny, Clayton and Rampal
Toledo, Rocky, Kennedy and Stormy