(post by Jason) Maybe it would be a more accurate title if it said As the Seasons Turn because the upcoming forecast suggests several cool, wet days so this marked the first general blanketing of fall 2011. We measure the passage and entrance of seasons a little differently than most people do, and the first general blanketing is a big turning point in our world because it means our blanketing season has arrived. For the next three months, blankets will be put on and taken off MANY times.

Usually we feed our first hay a few days after the first real good frost. As is usual in this part of the world, the first good frost happened a few days into November, and we put our first round bales out on November 12th. Up until now, November has been a very pleasant month (at least for me) temperature wise, featuring lots of warm, sunny days in the 60’s and 70’s and cool nights in the 40’s.

We are far enough south that taking seasonal cues from plants is kind of hit or miss. While most of the trees are bare here in the winter, we do have some large broad leaf evergreens and the understory is FULL of broad leaf evergreens. There is something in bloom every month of the year and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s only a little harder to find flowers in the middle of winter here than it is in mid-summer.

I’m looking forward to some cooler weather to get me in the Christmas spirit and this week upcoming should provide that remedy for this Canadian-American !

Lighty and Alex getting their sheets nice and dirty

Sam and Wiz (in their matching sheets) thought Alex and Lighty had a fine idea
Wiz, Dutch, Sam and Murphy

Lily and Cuffie

Darby and Alex

Tony, Hemi, Moe and Thomas

Homer and Baby

Apollo and Ivan

George and Asterik (I wish they could all be this clean)

Lucky, Slinky and O’Reilly