A lot of our blog readers follow along and comment on the adventures of our Schipperke, Bear who is also a perennial favourite with our clients and friends here on the farm.

What you may not know about Bear is that about every two years he decides it’s time for an extremely expensive trip to the emergency vet clinic and tonight was the night ! I’d say he tangled with something and he definitely didn’t win the fight ! That said, most of what I saw when we cleaned him up looked superficial but he has so much hair that it’s difficult to ascertain without doing a lot of delicate probing around, hence his trip to the clinic.

I just got a note that Melissa has arrived at the clinic with him and that they put him on an IV right away to sedate him so they can clip around and see what sort of damage he got himself into. Back to horse retirement pictures tomorrow !

Update at 9:20 pm.

Bear will be spending the night at the emergency vet clinic hooked up to an IV. At some point, they are going to do some x-rays to ensure he doesn’t have any internal damage and if that goes well they’ll stitch him up and he ought to be ready for pick-up tomorrow morning about 8:30 am. Chalk up another $ 1,052 to Bear’s medical bills.