We had a nice weekend around the farm. Jason and I were really busy but the horses seemed to mostly nap! There were a few playful moments though in between all of the lounging in the sun. We had another gorgeous weekend as far as weather, mid 70’s and sunny. However we will be putting on blankets Monday morning thanks to the cold front coming through tonight. After a few weeks in the 70’s I really thought we were done with blankets. Not only will we be blanketing everyone on Monday but the vet will be here to do spring vaccinations as well. It will be a very busy day.

I apologize for this short post but it has been a busy weekend that will be followed by a busy day tomorrow so I’m off to bed!

I got a little carrot cake for He never even gave it a second sniff the little ingrate (kidding of course!). He only wanted the grass.
Chili on the left and Silky (aka Slinky) and Baby were being playful and running through the field

a closer view of Levendi and Ivan

Tony was in dead horse position and sleeping hard but I disturbed him when I walked out to take his picture; that is Dustin’s head on the right

Bubba, Billy and