We certainly had a busy last few days to say the least. Friday was a farrier day so lots of horses coming in and out of the barn. Then Saturday morning we had one resident who apparently was having a gassy day. It was what a lot of horsemen refer to as a “one banamine colic” but anything involving the dreaded C word is stressful no matter how easily it is resolved. Jason and I are still a bit on edge although everything appears to be completely fine and back to normal.

It was one of those scenarios when everything seemed to be mostly alright but not completely right. The horse in question was eating but not with enthusiasm and maybe not as bright eyed as normal, but other than that was himself. However this guy is a chow hound so even eating but without enthusiasm was a sign something was amiss. Thus we had a Saturday morning visit from the vet. All vitals were normal, everything normal upon rectal palpation, everything normal when the NG tube was passed, etc. The only thing not completely normal were the gut sounds. As the vet said it sounded like the horse had eaten mexican food the night before and had one too many helpings of the refried beans and he needed a bit of banamine in his life.

I must say that we just love working with the vets at

some of the big boys grazing; Hemi, Elfin, Apollo, Tony, Homer, Leo, Grand

Levendi found some mud to roll in (because it rains once a week at the new farm – but still no rain here; my allergies are taking on a life of their own)


Tony really wanted to have his picture taken!


MyLight and Chili

Dutch found some dirt to roll in; no mud to be found here!

Murphy and Fuzzy Punch

Spike and Lucky grooming each other