Since we don’t get to see veterinarians often enough thanks to the horses (that was typed with heavy sarcasm), our cat Joy decided to get in on the action as well. Jingle and Joy were having their usual night crazies, running around like crazy cats leaping in the air and playing, and all was well. Until it wasn’t. Joy was suddenly limping around instead of running around at full speed while making crazy leaps. 
Jason and I spent a long while examining her, deciding if we needed to go to the 24 hour emergency clinic or wait and go to our regular vet in the morning. After a long life with our dog Bear, we are no strangers to the after hours emergency vet clinic. After much examining and observation, we have decided we can wait until morning. She has full range of motion in her leg and she can put weight on it although she prefers not to do so. Since we have nothing else to do tomorrow (that is again typed with major sarcasm), Joy will be off to the vet once morning chores are done. 
After spending a few hours with a farrier first thing this morning, and following that up with a couple of hours with the vet, I will admit I wasn’t too keen to rush off to another vet this evening – or tomorrow morning for that matter. However, Joy and I will take a car ride together tomorrow morning. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people that could just ignore things, but for better of for worse I’m not wired that way. We just can’t get enough of seeing a vet around here.
Joy on one of her favorite perches looking out the window
Mick and Lighty were being wild


Apollo and Hemi
Homer and Moe

 Traveller, Dolly and Lily
B-Rad, Nemo and Taco napping with Sebastian 
Asterik and Cocomo
Faune found Lofty’s back to be a convenient headrest