I think this may well go down as the quietest week we’ve ever had in our household. No, we didn’t decide to go sotto voce, at least not intentionally, although we might now that we know how it can be. On Tuesday I came down with some sort of virus that features some nasal congestion and a really, really sore throat and just as I was starting to feel better Melissa came down with the same malady. I never lost my voice entirely but it was close. Melissa on the other hand is down for the count and pretty silent. On the plus side, I learned for the first time that the horses will come at feeding time if you wave your arms around long enough.
I wonder if we should learn American sign language so if this happens again we’ll be able to communicate with one another ? ( Melissa just read this and she communicated very clearly with a universally understood sign. )
Please enjoy some pictures while we attempt to find our voices this week.
Thomas napping with Moe and Apollo nearby



Toledo and Kennedy

Tony and Baby


our visitor that watches us every morning