I’ve been thinking today about Christmas and particularly about the varied traditions it brings about. When you grow up, as I did, in a fairly homogenous small community it’s easy to assume that everyone celebrates Christmas in a manner similar to oneself. Of course that isn’t true. It’s been a revelation to me to see how other families celebrate the holidays. It’s been particularly interesting to see and learn what other families consider to be important traditions in their households. Some celebrate with a meal of fresh seafood while others open their presents on Christmas Eve or forgo presents altogether. Cornbread dressing was something I had never heard of until I moved south and I’ll admit I still miss the traditional Christmas puddings I grew up with. Of course, I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention those that choose not to celebrate Christmas at all.

Melissa and I are looking forward to spending some time visiting with family, and our first big family dinner usually takes place on Christmas Eve. After we tend to the horses on Christmas morning we usually go to my in-laws to join them for a big breakfast prior to opening our presents. We spend the rest of the day until evening chore time at leisure, either relaxing at a variety of non-strenuous activities or doing nothing at all. A much anticipated nap in the chair usually figures pretty prominently in my Christmas Day activities. Maybe this year we’ll do something different and go to a movie.

Whatever your Christmas traditions, Melissa and I would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy and safe holiday.

Clayton, Stormy and Largo hanging out and Kennedy grazing

Sparky and Sky

Chance dozing

Sebastian, Renny and Murphy

George, Fonzi and Chimano

Faune and Winston

The Big Boys came thundering from the back of their pasture staring at something (Trigger, Apollo, Ivan, Homer, Hemi, Levendi, Elfin and Moe)

then they all struck a pose and stared at something very intently