Not a lot to report around here except the thirteen year cicadas have arrived in full force. They are incredibly loud. Although they are harmless they are also very creepy looking with their beady red eyes staring at you. Bella the dog likes to eat them which is fine with me.

This afternoon as I was preparing dinner for the horses a cicada landed on top of the feed in one of the feed bags. Obviously I couldn’t just leave it there. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of creepy looking things so spiders, creepy bugs like cicadas, snakes, etc. all make my list of things that make me scream.

To my credit I didn’t scream, I just stood there staring at this stupid cicada in the feedbag. After having a pep talk with myself (“you can DO THIS”) I got my nerve up and reached in the feedbag and scooped/flung the cicada out. Before, during and after the cicada flinging exercise I was chanting “gross gross gross” but was quite impressed with myself for taking charge of the situation with such authority. Jason was unloading feed in the shed and had nothing to say about my commentary. He probably couldn’t hear exactly what I was saying, and he’s probably quite used to me talking to myself as well.

Although they are brief and fleeting there are moments when an office job doesn’t seem so bad.

Clay and Fuzzy

Grand; eyes closed and ears at half mast must mean afternoon siesta




Sebastian and Murphy

Thor and Snappy

Noble looking annoyed (but clean!) and Regis looking curious

Tiny and Johnny

Clayton and Rocky having an afternoon nap while Kennedy rolled

Stormy, Kennedy and Toledo