As I was body clipping Cino a couple of days ago and mentally making a list of the horses I needed to clip, I had the thought, “didn’t I just do this?” We body clipped 15 horses in April, all of them PPID/Cushing’s horses. I clipped 11 horses and Kate clipped 4 horses. I also clipped Sparky the donkey a couple of weeks ago. 
I’ve now re-clipped two of the horses I clipped in April, Cino and Renatta, and  have a few more that need a 2nd round of clipping. It’s possible that a couple of horses will need one more round with the clippers in late August, but it’s too soon to make that prediction. With our collection of PPID horses we do tend to have all of the hair, as the saying goes. It is no wonder I have not one but two body clippers and an impressive collection of clipper blades. I’m glad the body clipping list is a lot shorter than it was in the spring. 
scrubbing the dirt off Cino is no small job

Cino had grown back plenty of hair

one side of Cino done

Renatta mid-bath

Renatta also had plenty of hair that needed to go

Renatta asking, “are we done yet?”
Cocomo and Lotus


Murphy, Happy and Lighty

Gus and Faune
Cinnamon and Traveller
Homer, Tony and Baby

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo
Convey and Cisco
Elfin and Trigger