Yesterday afternoon Jason was scrubbing water troughs while I was feeding horses. He kept swatting at a wasp while he was cleaning a trough and I went over to stand on wasp guard for him while he scrubbed the trough. He was spraying the trough with a bleach solution when the wasp reappeared. Jason announced he was going to look for the nest stating that it had to be on the ground somewhere near the trough.
Suddenly he says “there it is!” and sprays with the bleach solution. A moment later he screams “oh BLEEP that was a frog!!!” The ensuing conversation went something like this:
Me: “You just sprayed a frog with bleach?!” (said in a shocked voice)
Jason: racing to grab the hose and screaming “it looked like a nest out of the corner of my eye. You KNOW I never would have done that on purpose!”
Me: Screaming frantically “spray him with the hose. HURRY. HURRY. OMG you just sprayed the poor frog with bleach!!!!”
Jason: grabs the hose and starts spraying water where the frog was
Me: “I don’t see him” (said in a frantic voice)
Jason: “Where did he go?? Where IS he??” (Picture Jason acting as a human sprinkler system frantically soaking every surface in sight hoping the frog is still in range. )
Me: (in a very accusatory tone) “I can’t believe you sprayed a frog with bleach”
Jason: “You know I never would have done that on purpose!” Besides this is all YOUR fault!” (last part said accusingly). Picture Jason still running around with the hose soaking every surface in sight.
Me: (in an astonished voice) “How is this MY fault? *I* didn’t spray the frog with bleach!”
Jason: “If you hadn’t freaked out I wouldn’t have lost sight of him.” (Jason is still spraying water in every direction)
We never did see the frog again. I kept walking around looking for him talking about how horrible we were and I couldn’t believe the poor frog had been sprayed with bleach. Jason kept spraying water everywhere saying he never would have done it on purpose and telling me it was my fault we lost the frog because I freaked out. By the time we were done Jason had soaked a huge area and made a few puddles for the poor frog. Hopefully he jumped in one.
We looked around for the frog a few times today but never saw him. Hopefully because he is just fine but smart enough to be terrified of being anywhere near us.
Leo, Chance, Levendi, Thomas and Grand



Clay waiting to be fed

Leo and Chance

Sam, Sebastian, Murphy, Dutch, Renny and Wiz

MyLight, Norman and Cinnamon