Construction of our third hay barn was completed yesterday. The first load of gravel was delivered today, and three more loads should have us ready to start storing more hay. Our plan is to get the needed gravel delivered and spread tomorrow. After that the only issue we will have with our new hay barn is that it is not full of hay. Since rain continues to elude us it looks like we are going to need all the hay our three hay barns can store and then some. You can never have too much hay storage. 
All we need to do is finish adding gravel and of course fill it with hay

taken the day before completion
Baner and Walden
Homer, Trigger and Convey were having an interesting pre-breakfast conversation
MyLight and Maisie

Sabrina and Norman
Ripley and Donovan
River and Rubrico

Miel, Johnny, Murphy and Happy

Sebastian and Johnny


B-Rad and Blu