Our construction progress at the new farm had ground to a halt until a couple of weeks ago. We had hoped to have already moved another group of horses by now. However, unless we were hoping to fence them in using an invisible fence or something along those lines it was not happening. The last couple of months the ground had simply been too wet for fence building, at least when you are building a fence where all of the posts are set in concrete.

Thankfully progress resumed about two and a half weeks ago and construction work is happening again. Jason and I get a kick out of watching the horses as they watch the construction. The driveway has been busy lately with trucks and equipment coming and going. It reminds us of last fall when the big boys would watch Jason and my Dad as they hammered away inside the barn. We joke that the horses are like the retired guys sitting on the porch at the local store watching the traffic go by and relaying the current gossip.

These days Spike especially seems fascinated with all of the comings and goings. Speaking of

Johnny and Rampal
Wiz was remembering his days as a race horse; his ears were back and he was aerodynamic!
B-Rad was trying to keep up with Wiz
Fuzzy, Alex, B-Rad, Dutch and Darby
Cinnamon and Sparky
Cuff Links
Chimano and Asterik
Faune, Winston, Gus and Romeo
MyLight looked lovely as she trotted through the pasture
Romeo showing off his cute crooked blaze
Rocky and Toledo