Run-in shed number two is currently under construction, hopefully to be completed either tomorrow or early next week. Moving day number two should be happening in the next few weeks. I hope it goes as smoothly as

a couple of the stalls; we are waiting for the grills to come in to put over the windows (did I mention the projects never end??)

Wash rack on the left and cross tie area on the right; excuse all of our construction paraphernalia – it has to go somewhere handy while we need it

On to some horse pictures; Justin and Boo

Wiz and Alex

Gus and Faune were keeping a close eye on me while waiting for dinner

Spike, Slinky, O’Reilly and Snappy

Lucky and Teddy

Asterik and Chimano

O’Reilly and Noble (Lucky and Slinky behind them)


Apollo, Homer and Thomas

Thomas was resting his head on Grand while they hung out

Elfin napping in the sun (a favorite activity of his) while Tony munches on some hay
new faces that I have not had time to introduce lately (bad me); Toledo and Rocky

Valentine (“Tiny”) and Rampal