It has been a pretty typical week around the farm so far. No lost (and found) phones, no new horses, no new pieces of equipment . . . just the usual stuff. I quite like it that way! We are still working away with shedding tools in hand. Several of the horses are completely done shedding at this point. Most of the horses are done on their necks, shoulders, hindquarters and along their toplines and just have the lower half of their sides and the bottom of their stomachs left to finish shedding.

Jason has also been working away at shedding out Mina and Jo, the fainting goats. He has mainly used the furminator on them. Mina is completely done shedding while Jo is just starting to really shed. The girls love their grooming sessions! They stand on their “castle” which is a small 40 gallon water trough turned upside down.

I have now used my DR Power Grader to drag my arena twice. I can hardly believe the arena has been done twice in the last week! It is so nice to just hook up the Power Grader to the Kubota and get the ring done without fooling around with tractors and unhooking other equipment, etc. The Power Grader does a great job on the arena and I am very happy with it for those who asked about it.

Since it is now just past midnight I am going to sign off and go to bed. All of these pictures were taken today (Tuesday).

Two gray geldings, Asterik and Sebastian
Two gray mares, Harmony and Buffy (one day I’m going to have a “which gray is that?” contest since we have so many of them here!)


Clay scratching an itch

Chili, Lucky and Snappy

Henry and Trillion were having a grooming session

One freshly drug arena