Actually this is two days in pictures, Monday and Tuesday. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures. I realized too late that I had accidentally turned one of the knobs on the camera and messed up a couple of the settings. Ooops. On top of that a few were taken facing directly into the sun (hey I can’t help it, the horses don’t pose for me!) so that didn’t help either. All in all my camera had no chance at taking a quality picture for awhile!

MyLight and Harmony
Missy, Buffy, and Cuff Links


Asterik and Faune

Faune in the background with Winston and Trillion up front


I took auditions for this picture; you had to be a bay with white on you face (if you enlarge the picture you can see O’Reilly’s white stripe on the far right). Bonnie, Bridget, Lexi, O’Reilly


Lightening and Snappy

MyLight socializing with Levendi over the fence

Lightening and Lucky

Levendi, Chance, Leo, Elfin

Dustin, Baby, Trigger

Dustin and Tony

Anybody want to take a guess at these two gray horses? Chance