After I die I want to come back and be a dog, horse, cat or some sort of pet on this farm! We have quite an assortment of dogs, most of whom you have read about and/or seen pictures already. We have Trooper the 3-legged black lab mix, Bush the coon hound, Bear the schipperke, Bugle the border collie mix and Bella the border collie.

One of my favorite videos of some of the dogs taken in December 2007:

Bear says “Daddy, I promise to be a good dog for five whole minutes if you skip the bath”

Please, please, PLEASE don’t give me a bath

Making sure he gets Jason as wet as he possibly can
Bear hates to be bathed but he looooves being dried with a towel; I have no idea why

Trooper the 3-legged wonder sleeping in the flower bed in front of the barn

Bugle was sleeping right behind Trooper

Bush was enjoying the sunshine and the grass