I always know that spring has really arrived when Jason and I go from “normal” busy to warp-speed busy.  We’ve been warp-speed busy the last few days. Today we had our first visit from the dentist in 2015. The horses were cooperative for the most part and several of the horses had their teeth floated. In order to be ready for the dentist at 8am I had to start working at 5:30am. Nine hours later, at 2:30 in the afternoon, I sat down for the first time today and ate my first meal of the day. That type of schedule certainly makes for a long day. 
Yesterday Jason spread fertilizer in several of the pastures while I had more fun with the shedding blade. For reasons unknown even to me, Jason and I also decided that yesterday would be a great day to re-mulch all of the flowerbeds around the house. So in addition to everything else we’ve been doing the last couple of days we also decided to weed and clean out the flowerbeds and spread 100 bags of mulch. Seriously, I have no idea what we were thinking. Of course we did all of the above in addition to the normal routine of feeding and horse care that goes on every day. 
Since we are already almost 30 hours into this work week as of Tuesday evening I’m kind of excited about the fact that tomorrow our only “extra” on the schedule is spreading some more grass seed in the pastures and spreading another 50 bags of mulch. It almost sounds like a vacation at this point. The weather has been so perfect that we haven’t minded the marathon work days, it has been nothing but a delight to be outside. 
Ritchie said “hey Grand, want me to pull your halter off? Then you pull mine off and maybe we can skip the dentist?”  Grand said “great idea Ritchie, let’s do it!’

Rip having his teeth floated
Grand (his halter pulling scheme with Ritchie didn’t work out as they had hoped)
Flyer and Asterik


MyLight scratching on the fence
Walon and Toledo on the run

B-Rad and Murphy
Jason spreading fertilizer
Fabrizzio and Walden watching Jason