Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know that we had a solar eclipse on Monday. We happened to be right in the perfect path for the eclipse. At our farm it was not quite a total eclipse but very close, about 98%. Just a few miles north of us in Nashville it was a total eclipse.

Jason, Carter and I enjoyed watching the eclipse. I’m sure everyone will be disappointed to know that none of the horses, cats, cows, goats or dogs noticed that there was anything happening. The eclipse happened in the afternoon, when the horses are either taking their afternoon siestas in the woods or are out grazing. If they were having their siesta they kept relaxing, if they were grazing the kept grazing. None of the animals noticed or cared. Since Monday was a hot, sunny day (perfect for eclipse viewing as there were no clouds) I do think they enjoyed the extra shade and the few degrees drop in temperature.

The only things Jason and I noticed around/during totality were the birds got a lot quieter, we heard a couple of frogs, and we saw two confused lightning bugs. Other than that there were no animals that were spooked, worried, or that even noticed it was happening.

The great American Eclipse of 2017 was largely a non-event at Paradigm Farms.

It was very awkward trying to take pictures of the eclipse through my eclipse glasses, so this is the one and only picture I took of the eclipse.img_6898-800x600
I think Oscar enjoyed the unexpected shade on the front porch during the eclipse

MyLight and Calimbaimg_3720-800x600

Cocomo and Asterik wondering if I might have any foodimg_5873-800x600

Maisie and Dawnimg_6019-800x600

Cisco and Babyimg_6070-800x600

Wilson and Rockyimg_6199-800x600

Gus, Roho and Sushiimg_6349-800x600

Flyer and Gibsonimg_6594-800x600

Timbit trying to pull Traveller’s feedbag off his head . . . img_6662-800x600

Timbit giving me the innocent look (“I was just standing here, promise”) and Traveller saying “help me, get this thing away from me”img_6663-800x600

Rip and Grandimg_6723-800x675

Lofty and Donneurimg_6774-800x600

Hesse and Banerimg_6833-800x600

Lighty, Happy and Mick . . . img_6931-800x600

. . . followed by Sebastian . . . img_6932-800x600

. . . followed by Nemo and Digby”img_6934-800x600