People mark the ending of summer in many ways. For many people summer drawing to a close means the kids go back to school or the days are starting to get shorter. Since we walk to the beat of a different drummer, for us it means the horse dentist is back in our life. 
Don’t get me wrong, we like our dentist. But for whatever reason dental days feel longer and harder than farrier days or vet days. I don’t know why since vet and farrier days can be awfully long at times. We’ve seen the dentist twice in the past week and we’ve got several more dental days to go over the next few weeks. 
It is hard to believe that in three weeks summer will actually be officially over. September 23rd is the first official day of fall this year. For us it felt like our summer vacation ended the day the dentist turned into our driveway. I guess we’re just weird like that.
Norman and Traveller waiting for breakfast
Cinnamon, MyLight and Calimba
Hemi and Moe
Stormy and Clayton
Gus, George and Asterik
Alex, B-Rad and Johnny
Remmy and Duesy
Ritchie, Rip and Elfin
Blu, Taco and Lighty were all eating leaves