A couple of weeks ago I sat down to order Equimax (ivermectin/praziquantel) for our fall de-worming. There are two ivermectin/praziquantel options available, Equimax and Zimecterin Gold. I always go with the Equimax since it is an open secret that Zimecterin Gold tends to cause mouth ulcers in many horses. It isn’t the active ingredients that are the problem, but apparently one of the carrier agents. Anyway, for this reason we go with Equimax when we want to use ivermectin and de-worm for tapeworms at the same time. 
I have my usual sources that I go to when I buy de-wormer; Valley Vet, Big Dee’s, State Line Tack, horse.com, Jeffers, etc. Imagine my surprise when every single one of them had Equimax listed as out of stock until sometime in the spring of 2016. An email from Bimeda, the manufacturer of Equimax, explained to me that they had a temporary production disruption, and that stocking levels should return to normal in 5 to 6 months. 
I was able to purchase a few tubes at our two local Tractor Supply stores. I then had to order the rest of my Equimax from Dover Saddlery. There is much I like about Dover but they are never competitive on price on much of anything and their shipping charges are outrageous. Apparently no one orders their de-wormer from Dover for these reasons, so I was able to order a pile of Equimax tubes from them and overpay significantly for the privilege. At that point I didn’t care, I was desperate to avoid Zimecterin Gold, so I paid their inflated price and their outrageous shipping charges and bought the precious Equimax. 
Since so many of our residents are 17+ hand warmbloods, we give the big ones 1.5 tubes to make sure they aren’t getting shorted. I think the Equimax tube treats up to 1,320 pounds (599kg). As an example, I have walked our resident Faune onto the horse scale at the clinic myself and he weighs in at 1,850 pounds. One tube isn’t going to get the job done for Faune and many of our other residents.
Everyone was de-wormed last week. Carter helped out by opening every, single box of Equimax for me and pulling the tubes out. Jason helped me chase everyone down and administer the Equimax. Not one horse thanked us and we had a few runners. Once they see one of their friends get the tube(s) shoved down their throat they know why you’re coming and exit stage left. Currently halters are still being looked at with much suspicion. They will finally put the trauma of de-worming behind them after a few more days. Until next time that is. There is always a next time.
what George thinks about having paste wormer shoved down his throat
Carter kindly opened every box of wormer for me
Maisie, Cuff Links and Lily
Thomas, Hemi and Apollo
my favorite tree

Murphy and Taco
Baby and Tony
The chestnuts were off to have a special meeting; Baner, Hesse, Walden and Remmy
Fabrizzio and Merlin
Lucky, Lightning and Duesy

MyLight and Calimba
Gus watching a pretty sunrise
Thomas, Levendi and Moe were worn out just waiting for their turn with the farrier
Faune, Asterik and Gus
Ewen and Roho napping together
Johnny and Sebastian hanging out in the woods