The last few days have been . . . interesting to say the least. We’ve been very busy with several different projects plus we had all of the usual stuff to be done around the farm. The barn is now freshly re-painted. It is so clean and glaringly white you need sunglasses to stand there and look at it. It looks great. The barn was pressure washed on Thursday and then painted on Friday. Thankfully neither job involved me!

The best part of the last few days was that MyLight’s mom came to visit her for a few hours on Friday. She and her boyfriend were having a short mini-vacation in middle Tennessee this weekend. They were lovely people which is a good thing since they got to witness some of the madness that is running a farm! This was their first time visiting the farm and they certainly got their taste of how Green Acres we are around here.

In addition to the barn being painted on Friday I also had two more loads of gravel delivered. I liked the first three loads of gravel so much I had two more loads delivered! Of course they were not supposed to come until late in the afternoon on Friday, but they showed up mid-morning instead. I was riding Sky when they called to let me know they were a few miles away. Awesome (