Norman and Lily had a pleasant surprise today. They are owned by a wonderful family in the Chicago area and one of them happened to be in our general vicinity today. Everything worked our perfectly for her to have a surprise visit with Norman and Lily this afternoon. We were around all day (as we are most days) and our heavy rain from earlier in the day cleared out as well. Norman and Lily had a few extra carrots and some hugs and pats from one of their moms. Shortly after she left it started raining lightly again, so it really was one of those things where everything worked out perfectly. All in all a nice surprise for all involved!

To learn more about Lily and Norman and see some pictures of them in action in the show ring

Sebastian, Winston and Faune

Winston and Asterik



Snappy and Lucky

Hemi, Chance and Trigger

Elfin and Homer
O’Reilly, Teddy and Lightening all lined up with Snappy off to the side