As everyone knows when you have a big (or sometimes even a small) construction project the inevitable budget busters come along. We’ve had a couple of them already. We underestimated the cost to finish the interior of the barn. Actually we were pretty accurate with all of the costs with the exception of electricity. The barn is well off the road, and the cost to move the electrical service that far was not a small number. It makes me seriously dread what the cost will be to run electricity to the second barn after it is built.

Our other unexpected expense was

Jason looks at this and comments repeatedly on the “beautiful work.” Well it should be #$%&! beautiful for what it cost!

I look at this and think, did he really have to clear a path *this wide* for the fence?

Dozer work had to be done for almost a full mile
I’ll admit I would like to go trail riding through this picture

Bear and Bush love to ride on the Gator

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