On some days the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats aren’t as cute as others. When Mina needs to see the farrier she definitely has a “not as cute as others” kind of day. You might recall that Mina broke her right hind leg 3 years ago. We have no idea how it happened. We do know that we rushed her to the vet where she was put under general anesthesia to have her leg set and a custom splint put on her leg. 
Mina then spent the night in a kennel at the vet clinic. She was fine at her late night check. At her early morning check she had chewed her custom splint off. Because we, and especially Jason, really adore the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, we agreed to pay for Mina to have surgery again. She was placed back under general anesthesia, her leg was set again, her custom splint placed back on the leg. To make sure we didn’t have to do this a third time – and I should be honest and say she wasn’t getting a third shot –  Mina also got to wear the cone of shame after her second surgery. Mina the Czarina then got the royal treatment she feels she deserves, and we drove her home in the back of my mom’s Mercedes. My mom is fully aware that The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats get what they want, even if  it means her vehicle is sacrificed for their happiness.
Mina in March 2013, showing off her cast and cone at the vet clinic
One of the lasting repercussions from Mina’s broken leg is her left front hoof, only on one side, now needs to be trimmed once or twice a year. We assume this is due to some compensatory issues for her right hind leg. Her hooves self maintained perfectly prior to the leg incident, and 3 out of her 4 hooves still self maintain.  Thankfully our farriers are wonderful people and do nothing but say “sure” when we ask them to trim a goat hoof. 
Much like a horse blowing through sedation, Mina has learned to fight the urge to faint, and instead requires two people to hold her still while the farrier trims her one hoof. As of this week we can check trimming Mina’s hoof off of the to do list for a few months. The things we do for our goats. Never a dull moment. 
How many men does it take to trim one hoof on Mina? Three

Walon hanging out with his BFF Jason while waiting for the farrier

Jason’s other BFF is Thomas
Johnny and Mick
Murphy and  Miel
Rocky, River, Roho and Gus
Trigger, Chance and Convey hanging out in the woods
Levendi and Thomas
the grey horse club having a lunch meeting; Cocomo, Silver, Asterik and George
Rocky and Donovan

Murphy and Happy
Johnny and Toledo playing . . . 

. . . and then the usual “oh hi, we’re just standing here”